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The Dun Wallet Review – Is this the Perfect Wallet?

The Dun wallet is something a little special. I’ve always been fascinated by how designers and manufacturers innovate and come up with unique solutions to age-old issues. This wallet is exactly this and it’s clear this wallet has been well thought out and designed to perfection. 

The Dun wallet’s life began on Kickstarter successfully raised over £25,000 becoming one of the most funded wallets on the platform. This was back in 2017 and since then the Dun brand has become something of an icon in developing innovative apparel goods for the masses. Let’s take a more detailed look at the Dun wallet.

With just 0.2-inch DUN is the world’s thinnest leather billfold. You can carry it comfortably in a front, back or shirt pocket: DUN is such a thin wallet that you hardly notice it’s there! The compact size of 4 inches (10.5 cm) long and 3 inches (7.5 cm) wide makes it the perfect everyday carry’.

Look & Design

The Dun wallet is a minimalist wallet made from the highest quality calf leather with a perfect balance between thickness, softness, and durability. I’ve never had a calf leather wallet before but one thing I noticed is how soft yet durable it was. 

The wallet doesn’t come in any additional colors other than black, although you can customize the color of the metal accent which features of the front of the wallet printed the Dun’s brand logo. Your choices are stainless steel or gold. Your only choice for the RFID option is in Gunmetal black. 

The guys at Dun take pride in the fact that every Dun wallet is handmade to perfection. This is very much apparent when you first see it in person. The build quality is amazing with every stitch in its place. Knowing this really makes me more appreciative of the wallet and gives it some more unique individuality to it compared to the many mass-produced wallets on the market today. 

Functionality & Utility 

DUN wallet’s signature cash strap allows for 10 bills to be carried unfolded for easy access. One of the card slots doubles as a coin pocket for some coins or a key. 

The Dun wallet is also RFID enabled which means you’re safe from contactless fraud and protect you from credit card fraud. I’ve personally never had an issue with a card fraud in the UK so I bought the standard edition, but it’s nice to have the option. 

One thing to keep in mind is the size of your countries bills. For example, in from the United kingdom and the £20 note doesn’t fit in the thin note slot. You end up having to slightly fold the note in half to make sure the note fits probably. This wasn’t a major issue for me but could cause annoyance for some people. If you’re from American this shouldn’t be an issue at all as all notes are the same size and dimension (this could also be a problem with certain European notes). 

Use in Practice

I used the Dun wallet as my daily carry for over two weeks and then give it to my friend who has used it as his daily wallet for over 2 years! For me, the wallet has very little downsides. Other than the fact I have to fold my £20 notes to fit the lengthways note slot the wallet didn’t pose any issues for me in daily usage. The wallet is light and easy to gain access to cards along with sliding effortlessly from your pocket to your hand and vice verse. 

Here’s what my friend had to say about his experience using the Dun wallet.

I’ve used this wallet for a little over 2 years. Before this time I had no idea what a ‘minimalist wallet’ was and used a typical chunky bi-fold wallet from a time gone by. Although I had to adjust to having fewer cards in my wallet I found using the Dun wallet a joy and would never go back to another wallet’

Final Verdict

The Dun wallet looks the part, feels the part and has amazing functionality for its minimalist size. I really believe it’s great value and the best slim wallet you can get at this price range.

The price of the Dun wallet isn’t cheap. Coming in at $60 for the standard edition and $70 for the RFID enabled wallet you are looking at a wallet on the mid to high end of the spectrum. 

Nevertheless, I believe this is value for the actual product you get. As a luxury handmade wallet with a slim design and unique functionality you’d be hard to find a wallet with such charm, and character. 

If you want more information on the Dun wallet – or the Dun range of goods – check out their website by clicking here.


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