Billy Kirk Trifold Wallet Review

The Walter Mitty Wallet Replica

Based on the iconic wallet from the hit movie ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’, the Billy Kirk Tri-Fold Wallet is a replica style wallet that takes a similar look and feel. While the Billy kirk Wallet isn’t exactly the same as the movie’s wallet it does do a fantastic job of encompassing the very essence of the design. Made with American full-grain leather and waxed cording the wallet is amazing in quality and Handcrafted to perfection. Available in a full range of colors (including tan, black, dark brown, and natural) I found the wallet to be incredibly durable with a beautiful patina developing the more you use the wallet. 

In terms of the functionality of the Billy Kirk Wallet has some interesting design aspects. The interior compartment, located at the left-hand side of the trifold can hold anywhere between easily hold 1-12 credit cards. I wouldn’t personally recommend 12 cards as the wallet can bulk and access to your cards can become inhibited. This card slot is secured with a flap of leather that hooks and loops under another to keep the cards in place and prevent them from falling out. This is an innovative design I’ve not come across before. 

Finally, the Billy Kirk Wallet also has a full-width card that allows banknotes to lie completely flat for great storage and easy access. You won’t need to worry about whether your countries banknotes will fit. I’ve tried, GDP, USD, and EUROs, and all fit perfectly without any notes overhanging the wallet. 

Overall, I’ve been very impressed with how the wallet performed after using it for 4 weeks. The quality held up and access to cash and cards was easy as long as you don’t over-fill the wallet. At a price tag, $115.00 this wallet is not cheap and should be only really considered by those die-hard Walter Mitty fans. For more information on the Billy Kirk Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below. 

  • Functionality 65% 65%
  • Design 82% 82%
  • Price 62% 62%



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