The Walter Mitty Wallet Review

An integral part of the 2013 film ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ the so-called ‘Walter Mitty‘ Wallet is an unusual leather bi-fold with some unique aspects completely unique to the wallet. The Walter Mitty wallet has clearly left an impression on some people who watched the movie as demand for replicas of the wallet is high and many leather craftsmen have taken it upon themself to recreate this wallet in all its glory. 

But I’m more interested in the wallet itself outside its association with the film. The wallet is unique in its design and features, so I upon myself to purchase one of these replicas and put the wallet to test much as I’d do with any wallet I review. Let’s breakdown the Walter Mitty wallet and see how it actually performs as an everyday carry item. 

Look & Design

There are a bunch of design features that make the Walter Mitty wallet stand out. The main one people talk about I’d the large quote located smack bang in the middle of the wallet. This reads:

‘To see the world, things dangerous to come to,

To see behind walls. To draw closer,

To find each other and to feel,

That is the purpose of life’

An inspiring quote for sure. The meaning of it is up for debate. After a quick search online I found this nice breakdown to give some meaning and context to the quote:

  • To see the world: I think it means actually traveling the world and meeting actual people, seeing what they see and experience what the people around the world experience.

  • Things dangerous to come to In the movie Walter had witnessed the most fascinating and spectacular sights that not many people have actually seen, he would have never done so if he didn’t take the chance to found his courage in his love.

  • To see behind walls: On one’s travels try something new, be open for change, be ready to explore more.

  • Draw Closer: The above one is followed by this one when one explores more they need to embrace the new things found.

  • To find each other: The above one is followed through, when you embrace something new, like new people or culture then may find something which you may be waiting for your whole life.

  • To Feel: Finally, all the above ones come to the ends to actually feel, simply travel the world, overcome your fear, embrace something new and it’s called living or the feeling.

(Courtesy of Wisdom Quotes)

In the movie, the wallet also comes with a message on the front, directly at the main character that says: ‘S.O to W.M – Thanks for the great work’.

The only other thing to mention about the look & design of the wallet is its material. Although we’ll never know for sure what type of leather the Walter mitty wallet is made from we can probably be sure – from images – its a high-quality leather. Imagery shows a thick hide which probably means the wallet is made from a type of fine grain or full-grain leather. If you do decide to purchase the Walter Mitty wallet for yourself make sure to check the type of leather used and don’t settle for any less quality.

Functionality & Utility 

I don’t want to overegg the Walter Mitty Wallet but its design really is unusual and unique. It’s literally the only wallet I’ve come across laid out in the way it is with an interesting take on coin storage being its most prominent feature. 

First of all, the wallet is a trifold style design split into 3 distinct sections once unfolded. The very left-hand section is where the magic happens. This is where you have 2 slots for storage of cards along with a slot dedicated for coin storage and other small items. As previously mentioned, this coin stot is unique as the whole slot is secured with a unique flap of leather that tucks into that slot to prevent coins from splitting out. 

The middle and left-hand side of the tri-fold actually doesn’t host any features whatsoever. This is, of course, where the famous quote is placed but in terms of features the wallets got nothing going for it. This makes sense for a wallet made solely for a prop in a movie. After all, the wallet was never meant to actually be used for its intended purposes. It’s more of a symbolic item that is used as a plot device. 

Finally, the back of the wallet hosts a full-length note slot. This is very much in keeping with what you’d expect from a leather wallet and is large and roomy for a large number of bills (20+). The wallet is also really thin so it doesn’t feel that bulky in the pocket considering its larger size in dimensions compared to minimalist sized wallets. I put this down to the ‘lack of features’ the wallet has helped keep the wallet down to a smaller size – an unintentional benefit to say the least.

Price tag

The Walter Mitty wallet is available to purchase by a variety of vendors across the internet. Your best bet to find one of quality is Etsy, but I also found the wallet on Amazon with so high reviews. My recommendation is to do your due diligence, make sure the wallet is high quality in terms of its build and materials and at a reasonable price. Some of these replicas are way overpriced with little reason. Below are just a few places where I think these replicas look on par yet at a reasonable price tag.

Final verdict

What is there to really say about the Walter mitty wallet? I really like the way the wallet looks. It’s rustic in design and has an authentic look I really appreciate. That being said, the wallet really lacks in the ‘features’ department. The wallet’s lack of capacity for cards is the real issue (can only hold 2-3 at a squeeze). Apart from that, the other two features of the wallet, its coin and cash shortage, are great and I really can’t fault them. 

I see this as a wallet more for people who are big fans of the movie and not something I’d consider if it didn’t have the famous name, and movie, attached to it. It’s a fine wallet but nothing more than that. 


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