The Slimfold Micro Soft Shell Wallet Review

When I was first contacted by Slimfold and asked to review their wallet I had my doubts. On the surface, the wallet really doesn’t stand out much from a highly competitive landscape. I’ve also used many different types of elasticated wallets in that past to very little avail. Nevertheless, I went in with on hands hoping that this elastic wallet would be the first one I’ve used that doesn’t – well suck. 

Thankfully my answer was fulfilled at the Slimfold elastic wallet is a very nice, functional little wallet that really excels in many areas. Slimfold is a brand that are really built on passion and aims to solve a problem. It initially started in 2006 when the owner wanted to create a wallet that was thin enough to fit a pocket alongside a mobile phone. 

Look & Design

The Slimfold wallet is probably the slimmest profile of any wallet I’ve come across. Coming in at 0.5 cm even when the wallet is filled with cash and cards the wallet does a great shape of retaining this sizing probably thanks to the flexible and elasticated material its made from.

Speaking of material, the Slimfold is made an ultra-thin elastic yet durable elastic material. I must say this feels different from other elastic wallets I’ve come across. The elastic fibers or weave are much more tightly bound and this gives it a cleaner look while adding to its durability. 

The Slimfold comes in a small range of colors including black, grey and blue, but is also available in a larger array of different stitching colors (including red and orange). Being made from the material it is I decided to put the Slimfold through a few tests to see how well it cleans up when dirty. This isn’t something I normally do, but I’ve found in the past elastic is the best material for those more outdoor type people who may find themselves in situations where they could be

After spilling a few condiments on the wallet along with some mud I gently put the wallet under the warm tap. To my surprise, the wallet cleaned up pretty well with just an initial wash and material didn’t look like to take any permanent damage. 

Functionality & Utility 

The Slim folds functionality is basic but executed in a nice way. In a bi-fold style, the wallet opens up to provide a number of card slots along with a full-width note slot along the top.

Keep in mind the Slimfold is made for the US banknotes. I’m from the UK and the standard £20 note does not fit in this wallet probably and would need to be folded. Just something to keep in mind as I know Euros also has some larger banknotes and their size changes with different denominations. 

The wallet has a max capacity of 8 -12 cards which is great for a wallet of this size. But be warned that after a certain amount of cards the wallet does bulk up and the pockets can become quite tight inhibiting effective removal of cards.

RFID Functionality is optional with the Slimfold and is integrated with thin metal sheets at the back of the wallet. For those who don’t know, RFID is a type of technology that protects you from contactless fraud and crimes where criminals can swipe your debit/credit card to steal from you.

Final Verdict

Overall the wallet was a joy to use. The elastic is strong and grips the cards very well and I’m more than happy with the look and quality of the elastic material. I recommend this wallet to someone who is looking to downsize their wallet but also partake in extreme sports or outdoor activities as this wallet excels in this area. Coming in at a price tag of $45.00 this wallet is a fair price. For more information on the Slimfold click the link below.


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