Magellan Travel Wallet Review

A Premium Travel Wallet from Australia

If you’re looking for premium quality, durability, and an aesthetic to die for, then you can look no further than the Magellan Travel Wallet. Design and developed by Bas & Lokes, in Australia, the brand is famed for exquisite handcrafted leather goods Bas & Loke have built a perfect brand weaving together the new and old. 

The Magellan Wallet itself is great for seasoned travelers who want to upgrade to a higher-quality wallet. Made from a rustic-looking brown oil tan full-grain leather, the look & feel of the wallet is something quite unique. The dark grainy leather has a vintage style with natural wear and tear from the get-go. This will further increase over time as you handle and use the leather developing a richer and deeper patina. 

In terms of functionality, the Magellan Wallet has a contrast between form and function. Firstly, the wallet has the capacity to store up to two passports in dedicated slots. Other slots include includes its one card slot (maximum of 2 credit/debit cards) and an area for storing your boarding pass and cash upright on the left. The wallet is well laid out, with everything easily accessible with little to no effort. One of its most unique features is its ability to store a pen directly in the seam of the wallet (pen not included). Finally, due to its handcrafted nature, you can choose to personalize the wallet in the form of a custom Monogram. This costs an additional $10.00 (affordable compared to most) with the ability to 

When it comes to this wallet price is going to be a major put for many people. The wallet comes in at a price tag of $185.00 which compared to the vast majority of leather wallets on the market is a premium. That being said, compared to many of the other travel/passport wallets I’ve reviewed in the past the Magellan Wallet definitely ranks top-tier thanks to its amazing quality and versatility in storage. Every person has a different budget so it wouldn’t be fair for me to say whether or not this price is worth it. I can confirm that you won’t be disappointed with the Magellan Wallet. It’s fantastic at what it does and perfectly achieves its purpose as a great travel wallet. For more information on the Magellan Wallet visit their official website using the link below.

  • Functionality 71% 71%
  • Design 82% 82%
  • Price 69% 69%



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