The Skint Trifold Wallet Review 

Sometimes you just want a simple wallet that works isn’t too expensive and does exactly what it says on the tin. The Skint wallet is exactly this. A no-nonsense wallet with ample functionality and minimalist design. 

I first discovered Skint when looking for a wallet made entirely from elastic material. I quickly found that although this material is soft, supple and would make a great material for a wallet very few exist. The Skint was the closest I could get too and it didn’t disappoint when I got my hands on one.  Let’s take a closer look at what the Skint wallet has to offer.

Look & Design

The Skint doesn’t try anything special when it comes to its design. It’s built for simplicity and functionality as its main goal. Its completely elasticated design gives a very materialist look and a simple sleek compact look. 

The Skint is a tri-fold style of wallet. This is one of my favourite styles of wallet as it enables a compact design yet provides great functionality and room to store all your cash and cards. 

The Skin only comes in one colour – black. Nevertheless, the adjustable strap which helps secure the Skint in place comes in a huge variety of colours ranging from pink to red (just about any colour you can imagine. Skint has also recently released a leather version of the wallet and also a Glitter version if that’s your thing. 

Functionality & Utility 

The skint offers a light design and flexibility but the utility of a wallet should be far bigger for its size. The Wallet only weighs 20g which is great for those people who prefer not to carry bulky items with them daily. The wallet’s capability for cash and cards is also huge. Being able to carry over 10 cards. I found it carries around 8 – 12 best as any more than that and the wallet begins to bulk out in size losing its slim profile. 

The wallet also comes with a range of quick access slots located on the inside of the tri-fold design. This allows you to easily access your cards with a simple swipe of the finger.  Finally, the large note slot located at the back of the wallet is spacious and allows the storage of notes from basically any currency across the world. 

Final Verdict

The Skint wallet is simple and functional. If you’re new to the world of slim wallets and want to see if you like something this compact I really would recommend the Skin wallet. The best thing of all is it comes in at an affordable price of only $25.00. For more information on the Skint wallet check them out by clicking the link below.


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