The Double 00 Slim Wallet Review

An Innovative and unusual wallet – the Double 00 combines a tri-fold design in a slim compact style while using elements of intelligent banknote capacity and effective credit/debit card storage. What makes the Double 00 wallet unique is not only its premium handmade nature but also the way it capitalized on its small space to provide effective and clever functionality. 

Double 00 is a small handcrafted wallet manufacturer in Spain. The original design was inspired by a wallet they found in a small shop in Rome over 10 years ago. Once the shop closed, they decided to reinvest and improve in this design creating the Double 00 wallet we know today. The name of the wallet is also inspired by the novels of Ian Fleming (James Bond) and the Double 00 is the type James Bond himself would carry with him on a daily basis.

Look & Design

One amazing aspect of the Double 00 wallet is the huge variety of different color variations available to choose from. In total, the wallet has 16 differing variations (some limited editions) from the standard brown or black colors though to the more elaborate and vibrant pinks and greens. This is nice to have as people don’t always want the traditional ‘boring’ colors wallets usually come in but like a color that best suits or represents their individual style as a person.

The wallet is primarily made from fine Italian leather with the inclusion of an elasticated band that fits securely around the middle of the wallet as is used to keep the wallet closed and secure when not in use. The quality of the wallet, in terms of materials and craftsmanship, is very high. For example, The Double 00 has a double weave design that threads the leather on both sides and gives a stronger more durable feel. 

The Double 00 is also a great size (9.5 x 6.5 x 1.4 cm) and firmly sits in the minimalist wallet territory. What I love about the design is it combines a range of great features and with high capacity more so than other minimalist wallets on the market. It also has a great minimalist look with attractive design accents (on the elastic band) and a uniformed look which brings the whole aesthetics together in a neat little package. 

Functionality & Utility 

The main reason to purchase the Double 00 wallet is its innovative take on banknote access. I believe this wallet does one of the best jobs at storing large amounts of notes in a system where bills lie flat and wrap around the wallet in an intuitive and easy to access manner. This provides two distinct advantages. Firstly, the amount of cash you can store is increased tenfold. Usually, in smaller wallets, banknotes are folded up and squashed in a slot. This method is usually very inefficient, clumsy and not ideal for most people on a daily basis. Secondly, cash access becomes very efficient.

On the back of the wallet is a quick access slot which is used for storage and quick access to your most-used credit/credit cards. Although it’s not built for this purpose Double 00 says you ‘can’ also store a few coins within the slot along with any cards.  I tried this out and although coins seem to be quite secure I did find it quite hard to then gain reaccess to the coins when I eventually need to spend them.

The double 00 has a max capacity of up to 12 cards. Cards can be accessed in two ways. Either from the top side of the wallet without the need to remove the elastic band (although it can be quite fiddly to do it this way) or from opening the wallet up by which also provides access to your cash. This gives two distinct ways to access your cards and you can choose the one that best works for you.

Price Tag

Coming in at a price tag of 45.95 (or $50.00) the Double 00 is one of the most affordable wallets I’ve come across for the quality you get. Too often I’m disappointed by wallets that literally ‘take the piss’ with a price tag that doesn’t reflect the design or quality of materials used in their wallet. This wallet is one that is fairly priced and I feel is worth the money you pay. 

Final Verdict 

I’ve not come across such an innovative design in a minimalist wallet for quite some time. The Double 00 does a fantastic job of combining quality materials with functionality and for that, I’m very impressed. To add to this the price is on point and I think it’s very fair. I highly recommend this wallet to anyone who’s a big carrier of physical cash as the wallet does one the best job of storing and accessing large amounts of banknotes easily when on the move. For more information on the Double 00 wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below.


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