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So last month I decided to take a month off and go on a mighty trek in America. With all my bags back and ready to go I had one last important decision to make.

‘Which Wallet was I going to bring?’

The decision wasn’t easy. Over the years I’ve managed to accumulate hundreds of wallets from the good to the not-so-good. As I’m known to swap wallets every week or so – for reviewing reasons – I knew I’d have to pick something that fits a cash-heavy lifestyle and one which suits an outdoor camping lifestyle. I may have taken longer to choose a wallet than to pack my entire suitcase but with my chosen wallet in hand, I called my taxi and within a few hours I was on my way to Los Angeles. 

That wallet was the Exentri. With its tri-fold design and clamshell clasp to keep it shut the Exentri is probably the most versatile wallet, I’ve come across which was half my thinking when it came to a good wallet to travel with. Think of it as a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster. It’s like they decided to stitch a few different types of wallets together and said ‘Job done’. Nevertheless, this isn’t a bad thing. The wallet is incredibly attractive and does a good job in terms of overall functionality in day-to-day life. 

If someone was to ask me what I thought the best wallet of 2021 was I’d very much consider the Exentri wallet. The wallet takes the idea of a fully functional wallet that’s also slim-line in its design making it a convenient and comfortable size. Not only that but the wallet is so damn attractive. Its compact unique look, sleek metal clip and premium leather make a complete package.

Smart, unique and elegant wallets that provide card access with the flick of your thumb. This wallet combines a variety of different wallets to create something truly unique on the market today’. – Exentri 2020

Look & Design

The Exentri wallet does look very different from a typical wallet. In reality, the wallet is built in a tri-fold style with the wallet split into 3 main sections (once folded out) plus a long slot for your notes. Exentri’s design incorporates little stylistic choices that add to the overall branding look and feel.

For example, the front and back, have quick access slots so you can easily slide out your credit/debit cards stylized in a ‘house’ shape. The wallet also has a lovely stainless steel clip that holds the wallet together once closed. This not only looks great and compliments the overall design, but also works well to hold everything in place with little worry (things won’t just fall out).

The range of colours the Exentri comes in is typical of this brand of wallet. With variations on the colour brown along with a range of unique colours like green, red and purple. Each looks very cool, classy, and modern in its way. The Exentri’s material is something else to note. Made from strong and durable leather the wallet feels nice but can be prone to wear and tear. Perhaps this is something of an anomaly as I have used this wallet more than others but the leather is quite susceptible to scratches, scrapes, and scuffs. 

Functionality & Utility 

The Exentri wallet’s strongest asset, along with its looks, is its great array of features. As I mentioned earlier the tri-fold design allows for maximum storage capacity while keeping the size to a minimum. In total, I found you could store 10+ cards at any one time which is phenomenal considering its compact size.

This also doesn’t mention the long cash slot for storing your notes which is also really great and easy to use. One amazing functionality is the option to have notes poking out the side of the wallet and folded in when closed. See below for a better idea of what I mean but this makes it so easy to get access to your notes without having to go in through the top.

The wallet’s quick access slots which protrude on the outside layers of the wallet are also very effective. Having one on every face allows for easy access regardless of which side you come at it from. One stand-out feature is the metal clip that’s used to prevent the wallet from opening and secure wallet. It works well and I wish more wallets did something like this. 

Price Tag

The Exentri is a mid-range priced wallet coming in at €54.95 (approximately $61.00). In my opinion, having tried hundreds of more expensive wallets, this is a massive bargain and well worth the money if you want a wallet that lasts and provides everything you need in a tight minimalist package.

Compare that to some other wallets on the market today and you’ll soon see the value that the Exentri wallet brings. I’m pretty confident Exentri also has great offers from time to time so keep an eye out for this.

Final Verdict

Overall I find the Exentri the best of both worlds from a design and functional perspective. With a slim, attractive look, and bounds of functionality, I find it really hard to criticize this wallet and recommend it as one of my favorites of 2021. While on holiday in America I never found myself ‘wishing’ I could swap wallets which is very unusual for me and no issues ever arose in terms of durability. If you would like more information on the Exentri wallet click the link below.


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