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The Best Recycled Wallet Brands

One of the fantastic aspects of purchasing a Recycled Wallet, one that has been upcycled from old materials, is the fact each and every wallet is unique. Each material has a history, has been used by maybe hundreds of people in the past, and now has found a new life as something else. Each wallet could have unique textures or imperfections from when it was used. Purchasing a recycled wallet is also incredibly sustainable. In times where global warming, and the issue of waste, buying something made from recycled material is the second-best thing you can do to help the cause (the first best is not purchasing any new wallet). 

Today I’m going to be going through a few of my personal favorite recycled wallets. This list is by no way complete and I’ll be updating it over time. Whether you’re looking for a recycled leather wallet, one made from wood, or something more unique. This list is sure to have something you like at a price tag to match. 


Recycled Skateboard Wallet

As the name suggests the Skateboard Wallet is made from recycled skateboard decks. The wallet is entirely made from wood and secured with a rubber band strap that helps keep any cards or cash in place. The Skateboard wallet itself is fantastically handcrafted and retains many of the beautiful patterns and designs the skateboards themselves would have had. Also being made from wood gives the wallet a very rustic and high-class appearance that many people look for in a wallet. 

In terms of its features of the wallet, it’s very simple. Just a minimalist wallet with a place to store anywhere between 1 – 5 cards comfortably with cash folded underneath the rubber band. This rubber band is also recycled from used bike tires so it’s a true 100% recycled product. For more information on the Recycled Skateboard Wallet check out our full review or visit their Etsy page using the link below. 

TL;DR: A premium style wooden wallet made from old skateboard decks. I love the unique patternation and the wallet is perfect for those who love to carry less and consider themselves more of a minimalist.


Recycled Firefighter Wallet

Probably the most famous example of a recycled wallet on this list, the Recycled firefighter wallet might be entirely responsible for the birth of wallets of this style in general. The Recycled Firefighter wallet is made from used and thrown out firehoses. Like other wallets on this list, Firehose has some fantastic properties due to the nature of its original purpose. As you’d expect firehose is incredibly durable and providing new life to what otherwise would be wasted materials. In fact, over the years Recycled Firefighter has recycled and repurposed over 15,000 feet of decommissioned fire hose across the USA. 

In terms of the wallet themselves, they are incredibly well made with the ‘Sergent’ Wallet being the most popular and my personal favorite in their range. This wallet is tiny in size with only a single slot at the top with a duel storage purpose for up to 8 cards and any cash folded. Along with the Polyester Firehose, which makes up most of the wallet, it’s also stitched and held together with hardy elastic stitched together with T-90 Nylon thread. The wallet is also available in a huge range of colors all unique to the original firehoses themselves. For more information on the Recycled Firehose Wallet check out our full review or visit their official website using the link below.

TL;DR: A popular minimalist wallet made from recycled firehoses. I love its compact design, range of colors, and story behind it. And at a low price tag of only $29.00, I think it’s an absolute bargain. 


Inner Tube Wallet

Cycle of Goods has developed a wallet made entirely from recycled inner tubes of old worn out bike tires. The rubber material actually provides a lot of utility thanks to its durability and water-resistant properties. Not only that, but the design of the wallet provides for great functionality including four credit/debit card slots (for a maximum storage capacity of between 4 – 8 cards), and a full-length note slot (can fits Dollars, Pounds & Euros). The inner tube wallet is also handmade by tailors in Malawi (a landlocked country in Africa) with Cycle of Goods making sure each worker is paid fairly for their work.

Finally, I can’t not mention the amazing price tag of the inner tube wallet. Coming in at only £15.50 – £16.50 (depending on whether or not you want a custom engraving) the Inner tube wallet is a low and affordable price tag which you can’t really complain about. For more information on the Inner Tube Wallet by Cycle of Goods check out their website using the link below. 

TL;DR: A fairly unkempt yet charming wallet. You can really tell the wallets are handmade but that just adds to each wallet’s unique individuality. The material is hard and durable with okay functionality. At its very affordable price tag, you can’t not like this wallet.  


Baseball Glove Wallets

I’ve often talked in the past regarding the amazing array of Baseball wallets on the market. These wallets are made from recycled baseball gloves and due to the premium leather of vintage gloves, makes for some of the most elegant and classy looking leather wallets on the market. My favorite brand is from Fielder’s Choice (FCgoods) who are the leader in developing these handcrafted wallets. Available in a range of designs (bi-fold or minimalist) the FCgoods baseball wallets combined elegance with great functionality. 

For example, their classic bi-fold style has a great capacity for cash and cards (can store anywhere between 3 – 6 cards) and a classic full-width slot at the top for banknote storage. The only aspect of the wallet that people might be upset about is not all of the wallets are made from recycled gloves. Only 20% of the material of the wallet uses this recycled material and that’s down to the fact vintage gloves of this type are very scarce and hard to come by. That also dictates the price tag of the range. Starting at $95.00 (for the cheapest) and ranging up to $150.00, the Fielders’ choice wallets are not for the penny pincher. For more information on the Baseball Glove wallet by FCgoods, check out our full review or visit their website using the link below. 

TL;DR: A great range of wallets made from vintage baseball gloves. This is by far the most premium looking wallet on this list and for good reason. The wallet’s use full-grain leather and have been handcrafted to perfection. A good choice for those who want to spend a little more. 


Flowfold Sailcloth Wallets

Flowfold is a brand I’ve been a fan of for quite some time and have reviewed many of their wallet range in the past. What makes them different is their ideology of creating products that fit the outdoor lifestyle and solve the needs of minimalist outdoor gear. Over the years Flowfold has developed a wide range of wallets to meet the needs of everyone. Whether you’re looking for a classic bi-fold style wallet, a zipper wallet, or a small minimalist one FlowFold have you covered.

Where Flowfold really excels though is in their unique use of materials. As mentioned they use a certain amount of recycled sailcloth in each of their products (one third to be exact) and always use materials locally sourced. As Sailcloth is used you gain the benefits of this material which as you’d imagine provide added durability, water-resistant properties, and a distinct look and texture. Flowfold also uses a variety of other highly innovative materials including X-Pac, Lite Skin, and Sterling Rope. For more information on the entire wallet range of Flowfold check out their website using the link below. 

TL;DR: Strong, sturdy, and with a distinct look. The Flowfold range of wallets provides amazing durability with affordable price tags (anywhere between $14.95 up to $59.95). That along with some amazing material choices makes it a great choice for people who love the outdoor lifestyle. 


Squigglechick Recycled Wallets

Probably the most unusual wallet on this list. The Squigglechick Recycled range of wallet use discarded trash, usually plastic in material, to create a range of distinctive and odd-looking wallets. One example of this is the classic bi-fold inspired wallet made from discarded and recycled Lay’s Chip bags (yes you heard right). While the outside of the wallet has the distinctive patternation, color and branding provided from the Lay’s plastic wrapper, the inside interior is made from vinyl and hand-dyed using organic muslin. 

This clear vinyl also provides a better texture to the wallet and provides a ‘sort of’ water-resistant property. In terms of the Recycled wallets features, you’ll find 6 card sleeves in the wallet, a clear window for any ID cards, and a full-width slot for banknotes. Overall, this is my favorite wallet in terms of its recycled properties as I find it clever the way something so unattractive as a chips packet can be used for something such as a wallet. 

TL;DR: A truly recycled wallet using the weirdest of materials. I love the frugal cut material and ‘in your face’ branding of these wallets and find them charming. At a price tag of around $30.00 you also can’t complain. For more information visit their Etsy page using the link below. 


Freitag Tarp Wallets

Freitag uses an innovative approach to wallets using recycled truck tarps (that canvas-like material that’s draped over trucks). Every year Freitag upcycled and repurpose around 800 tons of this tarp for use in their range of goods including bags, books, and wallets. Unlike most recycled wallets on this list, Freitag has gone to match effort to perfect the designs of their wallets. You can choose from a range of models from minimalist to bi-folds and even travel wallets. Each wallet is highly functional with its own unique properties. 

The tarps themselves have many unique factors to them not forgetting the individual uniqueness of each wallet (with distinct patterns and colorations). The material is also incredibly strong and durable, and water-resistant. The only downside I found is it’s not the most pleasant feeling material to touch but this isn’t a concern for the benefits of the environmental impact Freitag provides. 

My favorite example of a Freitag wallet is the F50 F.T. This wallet has a fantastic quality to it. It’s a fine example of how upcycled wallets don’t need to be a gimmick but can be in competition, for functionality, with the big players. This specific wallet has a fantastic capacity for cash and cards (between 5 – 7). Starting at a price tag of $60.00 and ranging up to over $100. I feel the Freitag range of wallets is a fantastic choice for those looking for an upcycled wallet. For more information check out their official website using the link below.


Zona Urbana Wallets

Being handcrafted from a range of materials such as old newspapers, magazines, comics, maps, and packaging Zona Urbana produce a wide range of wallets made from these paper items. Because of the nature of producing wallets from paper-like items, each wallet has a unique design from whatever recycled material is used. For example, you can purchase wallets with Soviet-era newspapers and old world maps. Because of this, each wallet is a little piece of history while providing a distinct vintage look to each wallet. 

The Zona Urbana Wallet that caught my eye was the 536 BERLINER. This Bi-fold style wallet has a great range of functionality (up to 5 – 10 cards) with a full-width card slot for cash. The version I bought was made from a Bulgarian Communist Newspaper (dated 1989). Although I can’t tell what it says just carrying it with me transports me to a time gone by and I almost get a wave of nostalgia from it. 

Starting at a price tag starting at low as $15.00 and ranging up to as high as $100.00 the Zona Urbana really provides a huge variety of options for any budget. All the wallets themselves are designed well and provide some great innovation in the upcycled wallet industry. For more information on the Zona Urbana Wallet range check them out directly using the link below.


Rareform Wallets

Rareform Wallets are very similar to the previously mentioned Freitag wallets in the fact they’ve been made out of similar recycled materials from an industrialized world. Rareform instead uses old billboard Vinyl made from a durable and water-resistant plastic-like material. The material itself is very unusual to the touch. It has a sort of textured feel with Unique patterns and colors based on the original design (advertising) of the Billboard Vinyl itself. 

The Rareform range of wallets offers a bunch of great variants and choices to suit your individual needs and wants. Options include The Anderson, a very typical bi-fold style wallet, The Veer, a minimalist cardholder, and The Wilde Zip, and zipper wallet that can accommodate coins. Each design is beautifully made from the Billboard material and offers a fantastic upcycled take on classic wallets on the market today. 

Staring at a price tag of $34.00 – $58.00 the Rareform range of wallets are all reasonably priced. I think Rareform has a unique take in both their wallet styles and distinct designs formed from the patterns formed from the billboard material itself. For more information on the Rareform Recycled wallet range check out their official website using the link below. 


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