The Recycled Firefighter Wallet Review 

Ever had the thought of trying out wallets because you are curious as to how it was put together? I have this urge many times, and you could say this is down to the fact that I am always looking for the next innovation in wallet design. The Recycled Firefighter Wallet is one that captured my attention when I wanted to embark on a camping trip with my friends. I was looking for a wallet that is rugged to its core and could withstand anything thrown at it. 

My search leads me to discover the Recycled Firefighter, and I must tell you it is a real winner in this regard. A front pocket Bifold wallet, the Fire Hose Rookie was designed to offer comfortability and durability. Made from real fire hose and sewn with Mil-Spec materials, the Fire Hose Rookie didn’t disappoint when I laid my hands on it.  

What I love about this wallet is the fact it’s helping reuse material. Upcycling is one of the best ways to reuse a product once it’s deemed useless and we need more products like this with the ethos of taking something once thought defunct and making it something new. Something special.

A minimalist Bifold Wallet designed to be super thin and comfortable for front pocket carry. The Rookie Front Pocket Bifold Wallet holds up to 12 credit cards and is made from REAL FIRE HOSE. Sewn with Mil-Spec materials this bifold is a game-changer, not only because there are no other wallets like it, but because it’s simple design works flawlessly’.

Look & Design

When I got the Fire Hose, I wanted something simple and durable for my camping trip, and it looked exactly like that. Made from a decommissioned polyester fire hose, it feels rugged yet smooth in its look. Sewn with T-90 nylon thread carefully holding the edges. The 1” Mil-Spec Nylon Ribbon sits elegantly on the edge of the exterior, and the inside is the high-quality full-grain 3-ounce leather. 

The leather sits on both sides of the bifold in the interior. On the back is a 1.5’ elastic cash strap, which can hold banknotes when folded into thirds. The Fire Hose stands 4” in length and 2.75” in width. I got the black and multicambla color, but it also comes in another five different color combos, which gives room for a choice.

Functionality & Utility 

The Fire Hose Bifold falls short in terms of wireless theft protection as it doesn’t come with RFID protection, so you have to consider the purpose for which you need the wallet. On the interior of the wallet is a bifold which is laced with leather on both sides and can hold between 8-12 cards and IDs depending on the size of the cards. On the back is an elastic that can hold cash, although you will need to fold the cash into thirds, which can sometimes be tiring for me. The Fire Hose is minimal in its functionality but pays for that through its durability. It can weather almost any condition you throw at it.

Final Verdict

Due to the repurposed nature of the fire hose, the wallets appear slightly different from what you see in the product picture. Either it’s slightly darker or lighter. However, there is no drop in quality, and its durability stays intact. The Fire Hose comes at $39.00 which isn’t the cheapest. Nevertheless, I feel like a product with unique value and the potential environmental and upcycling aspect of the wallet this price tag is more than fair. For more information on the Firefighter Wallet please visit them directly by clicking the link below.


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