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The Best Baseball Glove Wallets

Taking something old and worthless and turning it into something attractive and expensive is one of those glorious transformations that you long to see. Baseball gloves are no different to this. As the name suggests Baseball glove wallets are wallets made from old, used and worn out Baseball Gloves. 

Baseball glove wallets have actually become very popular in the last 10 years so many different stores have set up their own take on how to transform a glove into a wallet with style, and functionality. Using and recycling a material that would usually end up in the trash is another great aspect to wallets such as this as it helps reduce waste and have the environment as no new materials are being created. Leather, for example, is a trade that is highly unsustainable so purchasing a wallet made from old baseball glove is a sure-fire way to do something to help the cause. 

Let’s go through the different brands which offer some of the best Baseball wallets on the market today.

Fielder’s Choice Vintage Baseball Wallets

The most premium brand on this list Fielder’s choice creates some of the best and most attractive baseball wallets on the market only using Vintage Gloves from a time gone by. The range of different wallet styles you can choose from is great including a bifold, trifold, card case or money clip wallet. 

Each wallet is handmade using full-grain steerhide leather with gold leaf embossed logo to really add to its premium look and feel. So what sort of price will a wallet like this cost you? The cheapest wallet in the collection – the classic card case – would set you back $95.00 with the dearest wallet priced at $145.00 (the trifold wallet).

Usually, I like to complain about how overly expensive wallets came to be, but in the case of Fielder;’s choice, I have to disagree. When a wallet is made out of scarce materials it usually drives the price us as the cost of materials for the manufacturer is much higher. You also can’t fault the craftsmanship of these wallets which have been made to perfection. For more information on the wallet click the link below. 

Holtz Baseball Wallets

Another great example of a baseball wallet. Although these wallets don’t have the same premium feel as the Fielder’s range but have a great variety of small wallets at a slightly more affordable price tag. I also found the Holtz wallets function slightly better as good wallets, compared to others that put more emphasis on the material and uniqueness of that than how it actually functions as a wallet.

The designs are more innovative and have some great features that the other wallets on this list don’t have. The leather is also thicker in quality which gives it a more durable and tactile feel in the hand. My favorite is the Colossus of clout (great name) that is slim in size and has a great capacity for up to 12 cards. 

The price of the Holtz range is still very expensive coming in at $100.00 for the cheapest and $65.00 for the most expensive. I’d say that these wallets aren’t as good as the Fielder’s but that’s open to debate. I love both brands and each does a great job of creating a wallet with individual charm. For more information on the Holtz range of wallets click the link below.

When it Was a Game

These wallets are probably the most into when it comes to design. Although they are designed like typical bifold it’s the actual patternation or graphic on the material which makes then standard out. Not only this but these guys create the whole wallet out of the glove. This gives you a distinctive look and feels to the wallet such as the classic stitching gloves have. 

My favorite design is the Stan Musial Money clip wallet which has a full print of Stan himself with his signature on the reverse side. It’s this type of innovation of creativity in wallet creation that I love and it’s a fantastic opportunity to get a piece of history in the style of a classy minimalist wallet.

The handcrafted nature of these wallets makes them seem a little clumsy at times but I think that’s to be expected. If anything I think this adds to the rustic charm of the wallets and the naivety in their design adds to the entire aesthetics of a baseball wallet such as this.

The pricing reflects this though being the most expensive range of this list. Again, you’re not going to beat the quality and premium feel of some of the other wallets mentioned on this list but they do give them a run for their money with their awesome designs. For more information on these great range of wallets click the link below. 

Final Verdict

Although these wallets won’t be for everyone I love the look and feel of the wallets and the uniqueness that can be had for every wallet. You can guarantee that no two wallets will ever be the same when you use baseball gloves to create a wallet so it’s adds to its value tenfold. For more information on wallets made from recycled materials check out some of our other reviews using the link below.


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