The Fielders Choice Baseball Glove Wallet Review

The Good
  • It’s partly made from a freakin baseball glove wallet. This not only looks fantastic but also is great for recycling.
  • The leather is high quality and the wallet develops a beautiful patina over time.
The Bad
  • The wallet doesn’t have much capacity for cash and cards. Considering this is a large wallet this isn’t the best.
  • The wallet has a high price tag at $150.00. This will price many people out of the market. 

I’ve always been a massive advocate of wallets made from recycled materials as you’re not only helping prevent waste, which is great for the environment but also provides a wallet with unique character and charm. Today, I’m going to be talking about Fielder’s Choice (FCgoods) one of the leading brands in developing some of the best wallets made from recycled baseball gloves and look into how they manage to transform old vintage gloves into some of the most attractive vintage wallets on the market today.

Fielder’s Choice first came about back in 2012. Inspired by the Golden era of Baseball and with the premise of not letting vintage items go to waste they set out to help preserve American culture and the things that everyday people love and enjoy (like Baseball). 8 years later and they’re the dominant brand in handcrafted vintage baseball glove wallets. 

TL;DR: One of the most unique and attractive recycled wallets on the market. It looks part, has ample functionality, and provides a vintage and distinct look.


How Unique is the Wallet?

Being made from vintage baseball gloves FCGoods take what was once a used worn out and frankly useless glove and repurpose them giving the gloves a new lease of life that would otherwise end up in the trash. What I love about these gloves is the attention to detail and the strict criteria for which FCgoods source their gloves. Each wallet is different from the next which each having its own character and unique traits based on the individuality of each glove used. This can change the color of the wallet, providing distinct colorations from years of use. There’s just something magical about having a wallet that has so much potential history to it and for that, it really is one of the most unique wallets I’ve come across in a long time. 

What are the Wallets Features?

Fielder’s choice offers a huge variety of different styles of wallets that all take a modern approach to design whether you’re looking for a traditional style billfold, or want a more minimalist card holder style wallet. Today, I’m going to be especially looking at their classic Billfold one of the most popular wallets in their range. This is a very traditional looking bi-fold style wallet that has all the classic features you’ll come to expect from a wallet of this type. This includes great capacity for credit/debit cards (can be stored between 3 – 6 cards) and a full-length note slot so bills can lie flat and have easy access. 


What’s the Wallet Made From?

As stated, the unique aspect of the Fielders Choice Wallet is the fact it’s made from recycled baseball gloves. These guys go through a process of sourcing only the perfect gloves for them making sure they are well used and have already developed sufficient character through actual use. Keep in mind though the entire wallet isn’t made from glove leather. Only about 20% of the wallet is actually made from baseball gloves. This seems pretty low, but considering how rare these gloves probably are I’m not entirely surprised. 

The remaining 80% of the wallet is made from full-grain steer hide leather. If you know anything about leather then you know that full-grain leather is one of the top quality leathers on the market and this shows throughout FCgood’s entire range. You can also choose to pay a little extra ($25) to have a custom monogram on the wallet of up to 3 characters.

Is it a good price?

One inhibiting issue of the Fielders Choice is probably going to be its price tag. Coming in at a hefty price of $150.00, this wallet isn’t for the faint-hearted and will probably be too much for more (me included). That being said, considering what the wallet is, I’m really not surprised by this. The wallet is unique in so many ways and getting your hands on anything like this elsewhere is difficult especially given the premium nature FCgoods provides in all its goods. The good news is although the Bifold is expensive you can get an alternative wallet, The Card Case, for as low as $95.00 if that’s more in your budget.

What are the alternatives?

Surprisingly, Fielders Choice isn’t the only wallet dabbling in creating unique wallets made from recycled baseball gloves. The quality and price do differ from brand to brand but below are a few alternative options you can consider when looking for a baseball glove wallet. 

Holtz Baseball Wallets

When it Was the Game

Other Recycled Wallets

Final Verdict

Regardless of the material the wallet is made from, Fielder’s choice makes some of the most attractive and premium quality wallets on the market today. Every time I lay eyes on the wallets I’m always taken back by what this wallet was and wonder about its history, who used it, and how it came to be. 

The FCgoods baseball wallet would be the perfect gift for those who love baseball but also look at the unique look and feel of vintage quality goods. If you are looking for a baseball glove wallet then you can do a lot worse than getting one from Fielder’s Choice. For more information on Baseball Glove wallets check out our full article on the subject here. Alternatively, for more information on Fielder’s Choice, and their great range of baseball glove wallets, check out their official website by clicking the link below. 


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