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[Buyers Guide 2022]

Hard case wallets are one of the latest trends in new and innovative wallets on the market today. They fit a niche for wallets with a unique look but also provide a range of functionality suited towards a certain demographic. Let’s take a closer look at what a hard case wallet really is.

Hard case wallets, as the name suggests, are a type of wallet that utilises a clamshell-style design usually made from hard materials such as metal or plastic. The main advantages to these types of wallets are their durability and ability to keep your everyday carry more secure than a traditional wallet. They also make great travel or outdoor wallets as the harder exterior means they can withstand more extreme conditions compared to other wallets on the market.

Should I Buy a Hard Case Wallet? 

Making the decision to go for a hard case wallet compared to a more standard one (say leather) is a big decision to make. The case for a hard case wallet is for many of the reasons mentioned above. If you’re the type of person who likes security and durability then it might be the way to go. Many case wallets have full RFID protection which makes them ideal for people fearful of potential theft. Their materials (usually metal or plastic) also add to this protection as cards are secure in a clamshell design. 

They also usually have higher capacities for credit or debit card storage making them ideal for people who carry an above-average number of cards. For example, a typical leather bi-fold might only be able to hold 4-5 cards, depending on its size, while hard case wallets probably have an average capacity of around 8-10. 

The cases against hard case wallets are also worth talking about. Being made from a hard material can make the wallets quite heavier and larger than most wallets creating unnecessary bulk in the pocket in many cases. If you’re looking for a minimalist wallet then this type of wallet might not be the way to go. You should also consider the reasons why you want one in the first place? In my opinion, hard case wallets lose a lot of the premium aesthetics wallets have so make sure this aligns with what you actually want from your wallet. 

Ogon Stockholm Wallet

Ogon is a brand completely dedicated to the hard case style wallet. Because of this, you can trust that the wallets they design and create are the highest quality with features to match. The Ogon wallet is by far the best when it comes to its huge range of unique design variations. Whether you just want unique color or a detailed pattern the huge variety of designs the Ogon wallet has is huge and I’m confident you’d be able to find something you like. The personalization options don’t stop their though. The Ogon also allows for personalized engravings directly onto the surface of the wallet.

Great functionality with protection. The wallet can hold up to 10 credit/debit cards and has enough room for additional paper items like cash, receipts, and tickets. The wallet also comes with RFID protection which means you can be sure that your wallet is not only secure but also safe from contactless fraud.

The Ogon Stockholm comes in at a very affordable price tag of $42.00 which is a mid-tier price wallet. I really like this wallet. It’s sizing is good and its sleek aluminum body feels great in the hand with a premium feel. I recommend this wallet to anyone who wants a classic case wallet at an affordable price. For more information on the Ogon wallet check them out directly with the link below. 

The Flipside Wallet

The Flipside wallet probably most resembles the Ogon wallet but puts more emphasis on functionality and the wallet’s hardiness. The name flipside derives from the fact the wallet uses a flip mechanism for easy access to cash and cards when on the move. This way of accessing cards is actually very unique to the flipside something I’ve not really seen in other wallets before. 

It can store up to 8 – 17 cards and large amounts of cash. It also comes with a detachable money clip that fits around the wallet on the outside. This adds yet more functionality to a wallet that is already reaming with features. The wallet also prides itself on the fact its build for extreme conditions including being crush-resistant, waterproof, and RFID secure. 

The price is also very fair coming at $40.00. I’ll be honest, the wallet isn’t premium in its look and feel and if you’re looking for a wallet that exudes quality with premium materials I would look elsewhere. I recommend this wallet to people who are looking for something to either travel with or use when partaking in extreme or outdoor conditions like camping or rock climbing. For more information on the Flipside wallet why not check out our full review here or check out their official website using the link below.  

Thin King Card Case

Described more as a business card holder the Thin King card case is a prime example of premium materials and ingenuity providing a metal wallet – or card case – that doesn’t just look the part but keeps your daily carry streamlined. Made from entirely metal and in a variety of great colors including silver, gold, and red. They even have a range of intricate graphic designs that look amazing.

The wallet can store up to 1- 6 cards with ease. A circular cutout at the top of the wallet allows for easy access to cards that are easy to access. Cards can be a little finickity to access at the time as the card stacking can make accessing the middle cards harder.

The Thin King doesn’t have the capabilities to carry physical cash like banknotes. I don’t think this was their intention, to begin with, but I guess that’s why they decided to go with the name ‘card case’ and avoid the term ‘wallet’ entirely. 

The price tag of the Thin King is very fair coming in at the low price of $20.00. This is an amazing value, in my opinion, considering the quality of this item. Premium design and materials make this wallet excel. The only issue many people have is the lack of banknote storage, that more often than not, will be a deal-breaker. This wallet is best suited to people who actively avoid carrying cash. For more information on the Thin King please check out our official review here or check out their website with the link below.

The Zenlet 2 Wallet

The Zenlet 2 wallet is the most attractive wallet in my opinion taking resemblance to something you’d expect Apple to release. The wallet has an all-aluminum design with a small finish and comes in a fantastic array of colors including silver, black, rose gold, and white. 

Zenlet 2 is also highly innovative in the way it deals with storing cash and cards. The wallet operates on a sliding mechanism that allows for easy access to the inside of the wallet where your belongings stores. The wallet doesn’t just have 1 sliding door but 2 each designed to keep hold of different items. The usability of the wallet is really high and after just a few days of using the Zenlet, I found it difficult to go back to typical wallets which are a great sign the wallet is good.

The Zenlet 2 comes in at a price tag of $80.00 that is in the upper range. Is this wallet worth the price? I think so. I love the overall aesthetics and the sliding mechanism seamlessly works while also keeping my cash and cards secured. For more information on the Zenlet 2 wallet check out their website with the link below.

The Djin Wallet

Update: Unfortunately Koala Gear has ceased operations and is no longer in business. The Djin Wallet is no longer in production.

The Djin is like a weird hybrid between a leather wallet and a hard-cased wallet. First funded on Kickstarter back in 2017 the Djin aims to bridge the gap between functionality, attractive design, and slimness. Much like the Zenlet wallet above the Djin is built upon a sliding mechanism/ made from a single piece of a machine engineered polypropylene-injected skeleton for strength and flexibility.

The main feature of the Djin wallet – and its unique selling point is its stash compartment for coins or other small items. Mainly targeted towards storing coins or a few keys the stash area is roomy and provides a different take on carrying a range of different items with you on a daily basis. 

The Djin Wallet is priced accordingly to its complex design and high-quality materials coming in between $59.00 – $69.00 depending on the version you choose. This is quite hefty but you definitely get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a wallet that combines the best of multiple different types of wallets then the Djin Wallet might be for you. 


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