The Jimi Wallet Review

Was this the First ‘Fun‘ Minimalist Wallet?

Every now and then I come across a wall it lost to time. While searching for wallets dating back to the late 90s I stumbled across a unique wallet for its time. Before the rise of minimalist wallets, there weren’t a lot of options for people aside from the classic and traditional leather bi-fold. 

But that’s where this wallet comes in. The Jimi Wallet is a unique plastic card holder that predates any of the popular Minimalist Wallets we know today. The Jimi wallet has faded into obscurity, but its legacy and design innovation lives on still on the market and are still available to purchase. Let’s now take a closer look at the Jimi Wallet, its design, features, and what really made it a unique wallet when it first hit the market back in 2005.

Made from 100% recycled ‘plastic’ materials The Jimi brand was recycling before it was even cool or the norm for big brands. This along, with its minimalist size, case-like design, and range of fun colors to choose from the Jimi Wallet was nothing short of an outlier in a crowded marketplace of generic leather wallets. Along with this, the Jimi Wallet could also store five cards, and a few bills, and has a detachable money clip for added convenience. 

Looking back on the Wayback Machine it’s clear the Jimi Wallet was different and trying to be innovative in a time when very few cared about their wallets, what they looked like and how they could be improved. Below are words spoken by the founder in 2005 when the Jimi Wallet was at its peak in popularity and had just hit the market. We also found an old video of the Jimi Wallet in the news, from probably around 2005, which is cool to look at. 

It’s clear the legacy of the Jimi wallet is looked back with a combination of nostalgia and glee. On a YouTube video showcasing the Jimi Wallet, one user commented that he’s used one of these wallets since 2005 replacing them every so often when they wear out. The Jimi Wallet was perhaps born too early in a world where larger-sized wallets were still all the rage. 

But who is to know? After all, the Jimi Wallet is still available to purchase for an incredibly low price of $14.95. This wallet might be perfect for people who need something a little more durable and cheap for when they go traveling, sports, or in other situations where your wallet might need to get a little roughed up. For more information on the Jimi Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below. 

  • Functionality 60% 60%
  • Design 77% 77%
  • Price 89% 89%



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