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The Bellroy Flip Case Wallet is the latest wallet from the highly esteemed and respected brand Bellroy. Bellroy shouldn’t need an introduction to most as they are one of the most popular wallet brands in the world, developing a highly attractive, innovative, and creative array of wallets that set a precedent for other brands to follow. Bellroy took classic or vintage style (bifolds and the like) and brought them into the 21st century with designs encompassing features such as quick access slots, cleverly hidden storage areas, and an ethical preposition with sustainably and combating climate change.

The Bellroy Flip Case Wallet might be the most innovative, or different style of wallet, that Bellroy has released in quite some time. It takes a step back from their traditional approach to design usually working with classic styles like bifolds or cardholders and really pushes forward in a new direction in style, form, and function. Let’s take a deep dive into what the Flip Case Wallet is and what it can potentially offer you as your next wallet. 

Look & Design

The Design of the Bellroy Flip Case is pushing in two different directions. Firstly, the wallet is in a hard case or hardshell style. This means the wallet, at its core, is made from a hard and durable polymer material and stores cash and cards internally in a way that protects your belongings providing a safer more secure way to carry your cash, cards, or anything else you can squeeze inside. Externally, this hard casing is wrapped in Bellroy’s signature eco-tanned leather that is high in quality and with a deep rich coloring. 

The wallet feels really nice in the hand. It has a smooth feel on the outside, due to the leather, and internally is the same even with the different almost felt-like material (very soft to the touch). The wallet really excels in its appearance when compared to other hard case wallets and is by far the most attractive on the market (by quite a margin in my opinion). You only have to compare this to, say, the Flipside Wallet to see why. Along with all this, like with most Bellroy wallets, you can choose between a nice array of distinctive colors to choose from including black, blue, green, and classic brown leather color. 

Finally, let’s talk about wallet size. Coming in at 105 x 70 x 10mm the wallet is a great size and is definitely more aimed at minimalist lovers, who tend to carry less and want a hassle-free slimline approach to carrying their belongings. The only slight concern is the thickness of the wallet. At 1cm it can feel bulky in the pocket at times and coupled with its hard shell, meaning its impossible to flatten it further, means it can often be felt in a front or back pocket – just something to keep in mind (and entirely dependent on the trousers you wear) – skinny jeans are a no go.


Functionality & Utility 

Functionality-wise the Bellroy is very basic (not in a bad way) with a simplistic approach to storage and access. In essence, when you open the wallet up it’s divided into two distinct sections (front & back). Each side allows for storage of up to 4 cards (4 on each side) 8 in total. These credit/debit cards are stacked upon each other, but provide easy access through a method in which the cards are slightly spaced and cascaded for easy access to the card of choice when needed. These two sections also provide the area to store your physical cash (bills) with a storage capacity of around 4 – 5 bills folded

Finally, the only other notable feature of the Flip Case Wallet is its magnetic snap closure mechanism. This is a clever way of providing safety and security for your cash/cards, but also easy access when needed. Think of it as Apple’s MagSafe charger that automatically snaps onto the charging port. It’s incredibly simple, but a highly effective way. This magnetic snap closure is also fantastic at allowing for access to cards with only a single hand. You can pull back the opening with your thumb and go from there.


Price Tag

The cost of the Bellroy Flip Case Wallet comes in at around $89.00, which is pretty similar to the other prices in the Bellroy range. To compare, the most popular wallet in the Bellroy range is the Note Sleeve starting at $69.99, with the cheapest in their range (The Card Pocket) coming in at $59.00. When it comes to value for money, I have no qualms in recommending them. Bellroy always strives for the very best quality, and its choice of leather, craftsmanship and overall design philosophy is one of the best in the world. Coupled with their sustainable causes, and mission to help give, back helps further justify the higher price tag in my opinion. 


Final Verdict

Overall, The Bellory Flip Case Wallet is a welcomed addition to the Bellroy Wallet range. I think it’s fantastic Bellroy is still, even to this day, innovating in such a way to provide new functionality moving away from their traditional motives. The Flip Case wallet is well thought out, highly functional, and has a design that ticks all the boxes in my opinion. I never had any issues with lack of storage, nor any issues with the usability of access. It’s safe, secure, and would be a great choice for anyone looking for a hard case wallet in this style. For more information on the Bellroy Flip Case Wallet, check out their official website using the link below.


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