The Bellroy Mod Wallet Review

Phone Case x Wallet

The Bellory Mod Wallet is one that immediately peaked my attention I first discover it excited. It’s a real innovative wallet that combines a phone case and removal wallet in one, with the wallet being detachable thanks to strong magnets that run across the back. Another innovative aspect of the Mod Wallet is the fact the wallet is based on the recently released Flipcase Wallet which in and of itself has a very creative and unusual design. We gave the Flipcase Wallet a really positive review and actually stock it in our own store, giving testament to its functionality, compact size, and overall design aesthetic. 

The complete Mod Wallet package comes with both the durable phone case (available for all iPhone 13 models) and also the so-called ‘Mod’ Wallet itself. Read our full article on the Best Mag Safe Wallets here.

Mod Wallet Features:

Compatible with MagSafe charger.

Available in a large array of colors (6) to choose from including brown, black, yellow and blue.

Magnetic closure to keep cards stored safely and securely. 

Stores up to 3 cards (made for minimalists). 

Made from a combination of durable durable flex polymer & high quality leather.

Overall, I was pretty impressed by the seamless integration of both a phone case and a detachable wallet. At first, I was worried that either the protruding mod wallet would cause too much bulk (especially when stored in a pocket) and the magnets wouldn’t be strong enough to securely keep the two connected. I was wrong on both accounts. 

In reality, the mod wallet (the part that stores the cards), only comes in at 68 x 98 x 8.5mm making the total phone, case, and wallet’s thickness (using the iphone 13 Pro Max as reference) just 21 mm. The magnets are also very strong meaning unless you’re overly zealous with your movements it’s very unlikely the magnets would ‘give out’ and ditch the phone and wallet – great engineering from Bellroy. 

The price of the Bellroy Mod Wallet is very standard and in line with other Bellroy products (coming in at $99.00). They’re not cheap, and teetering on the designer brand status, but also considering Bellroy’s exemplary quality and sustainably as a member of B-Corp. I think it’s a price worth paying and will guarantee the best of both worlds with a dual case and wallet in a great quality combo item. For more information on the Bellroy Mod Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 74% 74%
  • Design 80% 80%
  • Price 69% 69%



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