The X Band Wallet Review

Is this the Slimmest Elastic Wallet?

Elastic Wallets are one of the simplest of wallets usually constructed from a single piece of elastic allowing you to keep your cash and cards together in one of the most minimalist and slimline ways I’ve come across. I’ve heard stories of how before Minimalist Wallets were popular many men carried their cash and cards wrapped in a single rubber band – these wallets are not much different from this idea.

The X Band Wallet takes this idea of minimalism to the next level. It utilized a clever patented design where a strip of elastic is weaved in a cross-hatched design. This is probably the most unique elastic wallet I’ve personally come across and its design allows for easy access and a slip-free way to keep up to 20 credit/debit cards secure (including cash).

Another benefit of the X Band, compared to other elastic wallets, is the fact cards can be accessed from both ends without the need to remove the entire contents of your wallet. While one end comfortably keeps your cards secured the other end of the X Band can be removed allowing for easy access while everything remains secured in place – Great design. Along with this, The X Band comes in a huge variety of different colors ranging from simple black and white to more vibrant and unique colors like green, yellow, and orange. 

Overall, The X Band Wallet services a very special purpose allowing people who want to carry less to do so in a functional and compact way. At the end of the day, the wallet is simply a piece of elastic and it isn’t going to win a design award anytime soon. But if you’re looking for an effective and affordable way (comes in at a price tag of just $12.00) to reduce the size of your wallet, and reduce bulk by up to 75%, there’s really no better option to consider. For more information on the X Band Wallet check out their official website by visiting the link below. 

  • Functionality 60% 60%
  • Design 65% 65%
  • Price 89% 89%


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