Carhartt Front Pocket Wallet Review

A Respectable and Tactical Wallet Brand

Are you looking for a leather front pocket wallet that is slim and durable? If so, you may be interested in the Carharrt Front Pocket Wallet. When you first touch the wallet you can really feel solid full-grain leather. On the one side, you can see the heat-engraved ‘Carharrt’ logo which in combination with the rawhide tan gives it a natural and a bit of a Western aesthetic. As to size, it’s 5.4 x 5.3 x 1.8 inches, and depending on the size of the pocket, for some may even be too wide so before purchasing consider the dimensions and look at your individual needs. Are you looking for a more minimalist-sized wallet? Then this might not be for you. 

Although the wallet itself is relatively thin even when filled with cards and cash, we wouldn’t put it in the ultra-thin or minimalist wallet category. To keep the wallet closed instead of using a button, the manufacturer has attached a black elastic band. For some, it may seem like a good attribute but there will be ones who will find the band annoying and even unnecessary. Having to take off, and reapply the band when wanting to use your wallet is clumsy and time-consuming. That being said, it does create a more compact wallet (compresses it down), while also keeping everything secure without the fear of items falling out. 

As to the interior, there are six cardholders in total (3 on each side) for a maximum of around 12 cards (at a push). The bottom ones are a bit lousy than the upper ones so we suggest you place the most important cards on the upper section. There are also two inside pockets for extra storage and since they are a little harder to access, it is the ideal place where to place the rarely used cards.

There is plenty of room for cash. We placed dollar banknotes and it looked fine. However, if you are planning to store other currency, for example, the euro, there may not be enough vertical space. If you buy the wallet directly from the manufacturer, it is very likely that you will get it shipped with this nice retro-looking thin. This makes the wallet a good present for someone as well. Overall, it is a fine thin Carharrt Bifold Leather wallet to be placed on front and back pockets as well.

Overall, we had mixed feelings about the Carharrt wallet. On one hand, the wallet has a good quality design and fantastic quality materials, but it wasn’t exactly the best when it came to functionality and ease of use. The wallet bulks out quite easily, while cards can be a little loose at times even with the elastic band for added security. But coming in at a price tag of $32.99, its affordability is a major factor and we think it’s worth that price tag. For more information on the Carharrt Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 64% 64%
  • Design 71% 71%
  • Price 78% 78%



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