The Ebax Minimalist Wallet Review

Strong, Durable, and Small in Size

One of the great things about minimalist wallets is how wallet designers come out with creative wallet designs that really challenge most people’s perception of what a wallet looks like. The Ebax Wallet is a new elastic type sleeve wallet that gives the usually drab wallet a fresh new look by using bright, vibrant colors. While colorful wallets or wallets using an elastic band are not new, we really liked the way the designers have come up with new ideas on how to make use of the wallet and how to carry it with you.

The Ebax Wallet is primarily a wallet made from a wide elastic band. It has 3 different compartments for organizing your wallet content. The main compartment is the center elastic slot. This would be where you store most of your cards. In addition, there are 2 additional compartments made from colorful fabric on either side of the wallet. The Ebax Wallet is one of the slimmest and lightest wallets out there due to its simple but effective design. That being said, considering its smaller size, it still has great capacity thanks to its elasticity being able to easily hold 6 – 10 cards and perhaps even more although the wallet will begin to bulk about and increase in size. 

Along with this, the outer card slots are open-ended, meaning you can use one of them to attach your wallet to your belt by looping your belt through the slot. This provides an alternative way to carry your wallet and also provides added protection against potential pickpockets a nice and unique aspect of the ebax for sure. 

Overall, it’s hard not the like the ebax minimalist wallet. It’s not the most attractive, nor the most premium, but it’s a fantastic little wallet for those who want affordability and effectiveness in leaps and bounds. Coming in at a price tag of $30.00, it’s very much a bargain price and definitely worth considering for anyone who’s on a budget. For more information on the ebax wallet check them out on Amazon using the link below. 

  • Functionality 63% 63%
  • Design 68% 68%
  • Price 75% 75%



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