The Wonder Wallet Review

An Innovative Plastic Folder Wallet

The Wonder Wallet is another ‘as seen on TV Wallet’ that aims to slim down what you carry with you on a daily basis. It really does have an innovative design. The long compact (bi-fold) design (resembling more of a purse) aims to store your credit and debit cards in little plastic folders, with the Wonder Wallet having 12 pages of plastic cardholders that can store a huge amount of credit or debit cards up to around 24 (you could even double up if you wanted for additional cards). Cash is stored within a full-width cash slot at the back and is very roomy and easy to access.

One thing to keep in mind is the Wonder Wallet’s size. For many, this wallet wouldn’t be very functional to carry on a daily basis coming in at 4 x 0.4 x 5 inches; and only 3.04 Ounces. This is probably why it’s aimed more at women who can store it easily in a bag. That being said, the look and style (sleek all-black), are definitely steering to a more masculine appearance. It’s probably why the Wonder Wallet is considered unisex more than anything. For men, it’s more similar to the likes of other so-called Long Wallets, which can be stored in a coat pocket. Some use the Wonder Wallet as a secondary wallet, alongside a more slimline wallet, so they can store additional less used credit/debits (or loyalty cards) in another secure place to reduce clutter. 

The quality of the Wonder Wallet is a little hit or miss. The outside of the wallet is made from Genuine Leather, which as I talk about a lot, is actually one of the worst grades of leather on the market. Genuine Leather is made from the off-cuts and scraps of leather that are deemed of poorer quality despite what the name suggests. This creates a wallet that is poor in quality and more likely to degrade faster over time. Something to keep in mind when considering the longevity of the wallet. Also, the internal plastic card slots, are also quite poor in quality. They are very flimsy and can easily rip without proper care.

Overall, the Wonder Wallet is a one-of-a-kind wallet, and an innovative design not seen in other wallets on the market. It’s perfect for those who carry huge amounts of cards and want an easy way to organize and access them, on a daily basis. Its size and quality aren’t the best for many, but as a secondary wallet, it could be a perfect option – especially at its cheap price tag of only $13.85. For more information on the Wonder Wallet check them out on Amazon using the link below. 

  • Functionality 81% 81%
  • Design 75% 75%
  • Price 78% 78%


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