Vera Forma Commodore Wallet Review

[Buyers Guide 2022]

When we think of quality leather and handcrafted goods we automatically assume it will be something outside of our budget. When I first discovered Vera Forma, I was delighted not only by the swish photography but also by the means by which their leather goods are produced. Vera Forma, for me, does a great job of bridging the gap between luxury and affordability. They’ve successfully created a range of leather goods, including wallets, that go against the grain in handcrafting goods and bring them into the masses’ hands. 

Today we’re going to be looking at one specific wallet that immediately caught my attention – their Commodore Slim Wallet. This minimalist-sized wallet is every bit as attractive thanks to its quality leather and sleek minimalist design. Let’s see how good the Commodore Wallet is and whether it’s a great fit as your next wallet.

Look & Design

The Vera Forma Wallet takes the form of the very well-established and popular bi-fold wallet (or billfold). Its size comes in at just slightly larger than a typical credit or debit card. Its look is excelled by its beautiful choice of leather and this is really what sells the wallet for me.

One of the key indicators of its leather quality is whether or not over time it’ll develop a wonderful patina. A Leather patina is a change in the texture and coloration of leather over time with prolonged use. As natural oils in the hands absorb into the leather you’ll notice subtle changes to the color of the leather usually darkening, developing a shine, and creating subtle patternations.  This along with a 

This is thanks to the wallet’s Horween Leather. Horween is a famed tannery from Chicago dating all the way back to the early 20th century. They are renowned for their superb quality, which in many cases, classes what many other tanneries can achieve. When it comes to quality and craftsmanship Vera Forma has done everything right to produce a quality and long-lasting wallet. 


Functionality & Utility 

If you’re the type of person who enjoys cramming every little business card, piece of paper, or soon-to-be-long forgotten receipt then this wallet probably isn’t for you. As mentioned previously this wallet is on the light side with a minimalist size for people who like to travel light. The outside of the wallet doesn’t provide any sort of storage whatsoever, which is immediately telling in who this wallet is aimed at. 

Inside, are simply 4 adjacent card slots almost etched into the fine full-grain leather providing storage capacities of up to 4 credit/debit cards, but as discussed previously, can be expanded to 6 as you break in the leather. 

And what else do you need? The wallet has no dedicated storage for physical cash, nor any other slots for additional storage. Vera Forma is keeping it simple, and bringing us back to basics. The only downside for me is the wallet doesn’t have any dedicated storage for physical cash/banknotes. But this can quite easily be rectified by storing it securely inside one of the card slots. This isn’t ideal, but a deliberate choice made by Vera Forma to keep the wallet’s size as small and compact as possible. 


Final Verdict

Overall, I can’t really fault the Vera Forma Wallet. It does exactly what it says on the tin, in a fine, handcrafted, and brilliant example of how small things can come to pack a big punch. This wallet s best suited for those who prize a minimal form-factor along with a traditional vintage asthetic and does so with grace and elegance. 

At a price tag of $42.95 the wallet is decent value and for its quality comes in at a comparable price to other similar quality wallets. For more information on Vera Forma and the Commodore Slim Wallet visit their official website using the link below.  


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