The Watson & Wolfe Trifold Wallet Review

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a wallet which is very much the classic leather wallet. The Watson & Wolfe tri-fold is exactly this and it reminds me of the type of wallet my dad (probably grandad) probably carried with him 50 years ago. I’m always skeptical to stay impartial with wallets like this as I tend to personally prefer wallets which steer towards a more minimalist design. Nevertheless, I put my personal opinions aside, loaded up the many card slots, and went to town with reviewing this hefty leather wallet.

Watson & Wolfe are a brand who I originally stumbled upon on Etsy. As a premium wallet brand, they create a great range of high-quality leather goods (not exclusive to wallets). They first appeared on the scene in 2016 looking to create premium leather goods. But this is where their story differs from most. They quickly found the reality that the leather industry went against most of their morals and the unsustainability of the industry wasn’t worth pursuing. 

Watson & Wolfe decided to take the direction of sustainable goods leather which are cruelty-free and sustainable. How do they achieve this you ask? Instead of using leather from animals they only use leather created from polymers, made with a base layer of natural material, such as flax and cotton mixed with corn, soybeans, and vegetable oils, which are layered together.

“In a world where fashion is the second biggest polluter of our plane there is a fast-growing marketplace for people looking for more environmentally friendly accessories, and I feel that men are hugely under-represented. I want every man to have access to luxury items regardless of his lifestyle choices.” – Helen Founder.

Look & Design

The wallet’s material is really nice to the touch and feels high quality. This is something I was curious about when I first bought the wallet as I wanted to compare the eco vegan leather to the standard cowhide we’re all used to in wallets. I’m happy to say that the quality is comparable to high-quality full-grain leather and its durability seems on par. The wallet comes in two standard colors – black and brown – which is pretty standard in wallet colorization these days.

The Watson & Wolfe Tri-fold can also be personalized with up to 4 initials on this item. The Embossed initials are positioned in the bottom right-hand corner and look great quality. A great addition to any wallet for people looking for a little unique individuality in their wallet or for as a gift. Keep in mind this personalization is an additional cost (see below). 

The material that lines the inside of the wallet is also worth mentioning. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles the material is not only sustainable but also soft to the touch. When I first read this I was a bit skeptical as to the quality as plastic bottles aren’t the most premium materials that come to mind. Nevertheless, the material beat all expectations and it was just as good as any other material but with the added benefits of being sustainable.

Functionality & Utility 

As you’d imagine the Watson and Wolfe Tri-fold is a wallet with great functionality and utility in daily use. This is mainly because its larger size allows accommodation of many cards (up to 25) and cash (pocket big enough for 10 – 15 bills). The Wallet comes with 9 individual bill slots in total spread across the 3 separate tri-fold areas of the wallet. It’s a nice and aesthetically pleasing layout which gives easy access to cards quickly on the move and in fast succession. 

The Watson & Wolfe tri-fold also comes with an eyelet used for attaching a chain or key. Unfortunately, images aside, the Chain featured in photos is not included with the wallet. It’s a shame really as the chain really helps bring the wallet together and might be seen as misleading to any buyers as the lack of a chain is only mentioned in small text near the bottom of the page. 

Finally, the wallet comes with a discrete or secret pocket located under the notes section for storing any cards which you wouldn’t want to fall into the wrong hands. This is a nice addition as it maximizes the capacity of the wallet but also has some utility in storing secret items or for quick access to a card you may use more frequently. 

Price Tag

The Watson & Wolfe Trifold comes in at a price tag of £55.00 (around $68.00). I personally feel this is a fair price for a wallet made wallet with great capacity and great quality. The cost of personalization is also worth mentioning as it costs an additional £15.00 which is fairly hefty for this addition (compared to other wallets).

Final Verdict

I recommend this wallet for people looking for a wallet with character, capacity, and sustainability in mind. The wallet is nothing special as a tri-fold – almost generic – yet Watson & Wolfe’s concerns for environmental sustainability is refreshing and much needed in today’s world. The price is entirely fair and I think reflects its build quality, size, and features. For more information on the Watson and Wolfe Tri-fold wallet, and other wallets in their range, click the link below.


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