Walleteras Wallet Review

A Functional Range that Lacks Quality

The sheer eclectic range of the Walleteras brand is fantastic in terms of variety in design and finding a wallet to suit your needs. With a range of leather wallets from thin cardholders to larger-sized bifolds, Walleteras has all its basis’ covered with designs that provide great functionality including features such as ID Card slots (as seen in their Front Pocket Wallet) or storage for coins (as seen in their Long Wallet).

I decided to purchase a few of their wallets to see how they were in person but was immediately disappointed by the quality of the wallet on arrival and in use. It didn’t take that long to work out that generally, the quality of the leather and overall quality of the craftsmanship was lacking and satisfactory at best. I found the leather to be very thin and had a plastic feel and easy signs of poor quality leather. It’s also clear the wallets are machines made which shows uneven stitching – not great.

With all this said, I can’t really justify the prices that Walleteras are charging for their wallets that come in anywhere from $30.00 up to $50.00. Considering the quality, I can easily recommend much better wallets at similar or even cheaper prices. 

I can’t fault the versatility and functionality of some of these wallets – they work fine – but can’t recommend them based on quality, durability, or value for money. For more information on Walleteras visit their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 79% 79%
  • Design 60% 60%
  • Price 65% 65%



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