Vice F1 Bomb Wallet Review

The Mechanical Metal Wallet

If you’re looking for one of the most unusual or futuristic looking wallets then you can look no further than the Vice F1 Bomb Wallet. This distinctive metal wallet, made from an Aircraft-grade Aluminum body, is a fantastic example of engineering and design providing a strong and durable wallet. When you first view the F1 Wallet it really doesn’t look like a wallet and more like a car part or an intricate piece of machinery. This is due to its complex structure, using a variety of different shaped pieces of metal to form a wallet of true uniqueness. 

The functionality of the F1 Wallet is very typical of a wallet of this style and size. Coming in at just 2.35in x 3.65in x .32in the F1 Wallet firmly meeting the criteria for a minimalist wallet as this size is perfect for a seamless carry and slimline feel in the pocket. But as will all minimalist wallets this smaller size does come at a price. The functionality for cash and card storage is less than others with a credit/debit card capacity of up to 1 – 12 cards and only room for a small amount of cash folded. Cards are also stacked on top of each other really inhibiting how easily you can access cards at ease especially within the middle of the stack (a common problem I call ‘card stacking/bulking’). 

Coming in at a price tag of $114.99 the Vice F1 Wallet is definitely on the expensive side. That being said, you’ll be hard to find any other wallet on the market that looks as unique and distinctive as this one. I think its design is fantastic and that’s the main reason you’d be purchasing the wallet anyway. For more information on the Vice F1 Bomb Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 63% 63%
  • Design 89% 89%
  • Price 65% 65%



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