Vanacci Stealth Wallet Review

The Aircraft Inspired Metal Wallet

What I love about Vanancci is its dedication to innovation and unique design. They themselves call out the issue of copycat or unoriginal designs produced by boring brands who want to make a quick buck. Based in the UK Vanacci design each of their products in house with attention to detail and care. For me, this is clearly seen in their Stealth Wallet, a metal pop-up wallet with a design that is not seen in any other wallet in the market. 

Look & Design

The Vanacci Stealth Wallet is made out of lightweight metal. With a brushed finish and a unique design on the front (resembling an ‘X’ shape in a molded patternation), Vanacci’s design is inspired by aircraft such as the B-2 Spirit and F-117 Nighthawk. I can’t really fault the Stealth Wallet’s overall design. I really love its fresh futuristic look although I can appreciate it’s not going to suit everyone’s tastes. While only available in black, you can choose to include a free custom engraving (a monogram) and/or a custom symbol choose from 13 pre-chosen designs – something I’ve not come across in a wallet before.  

Functionality & Utility

In terms of the Vanacci Wallet’s functionality, it’s very storing especially considering its smaller minimalist size of only 110mm x  65mm x 11.5mm. The main mechanism for accessing credit/debit cards is through a classic pop-up or cascading design. A small lever on the side of the Stealth Wallet can be slid up and down to release the cards out the top (capacity of up to 7 cards).  These cards are also evenly distributed for an even easier and seam accessibility. The reverse side of the wallet is mainly utilized for banknote storage and includes an elastic strap. Notes are tucked underneath for a secure fit. The only downside I had to this was the elastic itself. It felt a little flimsy in my opinion with too much stretch for a looser fit. 

Final Verdict

At a price tag of £79.99 ($105.00), the Sleath Wallet is on the upper end of the price spectrum. I personally feel this is a fine and worthwhile price to pay for this wallet from Vanacci. The wallet’s unique design, attractive look, and great functionality are all worthwhile reasons that I like the Vanacci Wallet, and your sure to get a wallet that isn’t similar to any other wallets at this moment. Other features include RFID Functionality and a decent returns policy. For more information on the Vanacci Stealth Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below.

  • Functionality 80% 80%
  • Design 89% 89%
  • Price 68% 68%



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