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Which Wallet Should you Choose?

Though it might seem like a mundane object that all of us carry around out of necessity and mere convenience, wallets are essential. They hold some of our most prized possessions, including things like our identification and cash. Wallets have been around for centuries, evolving from very simple designs that were created as accessories for carrying personal items in ancient times.

Since then, we have been through various innovative styles that have transformed to accommodate our current and ever-changing lives. These days, our wallets have space for credit cards and cash, allowing us to carry what will be most useful in our day-to-day activities.

There are various kinds of wallets, and each one has its advantages. And even better, wallets can be made out of nearly any material, making it possible to find the perfect one for all of our unique needs. Nonetheless, the design is crucial. Not only will we cover some of the most popular designs in today’s modern world, but we’ll also take a look into which are the most useful options. Let’s jump in!

Popular Wallet Types

Below is a list of the most popular types of wallets available on the market today. We have compiled a list of these and provided short links for you to quickly browse through to the range available on the market (with included reviews). You can also get more information on what each type of wallet is and its history.


Bifold Wallets Trifold Wallets
Cardholder Wallets Zipper Wallets
Money Clip Wallets Travel / Passport Wallets
Hard Case Wallets Minimalist Wallets

Bifold Wallets

The Most Popular Wallet Type

Probably the most recognizable and famous wallet style in the world. The Bi-fold (also referred to as the Billfold) has been a stable wallet style for over 100 years. The chance are you know someone, even yourself, who carries a bifold wallet with them. 

They are defined by their single fold through the middle which enables them to be closed for a more compact carry experience. Due to this fold, they are mostly, although there are acceptions, made from leather or other fabrics. Due to this history of prominence in the wallet world most brands in the world, ranging from designer brands like Gucci, sell Bi-fold wallets they are the most common type of wallet across the globe. 

Bifolds are usually quite large in size which is one of the main reasons they’ve fallen out of popularity over the past decade. Our wallets are getting smaller and smaller as the need to carry physical cash is replaced by more efficient systems like credit/debit cards, and more recently contactless and mobile payments (think Android and Apple Pay). That being said, due to their prevalence, they are still one of the most affordable styles and come in the widest array of materials, and colors. 


Trifold Wallets

The Overly Roomy Wallet

Much like Bi-fold wallets, Trifolds also have a long history and are the evolutionary successor or alternative to bifolds. The difference between the two is subtle, with Trifolds, as the name suggests, having an extra fold (2-fold). This is usually done out of convenience as Trifold Wallets tend to be slightly larger than even bifolds and are a top choice among people who still need to carry a lot of items with them on a daily basis. 

While not as common as bifolds, Trifolds are still popular and can be found among most brands usually made from leather. In my experience, Trifolds are usually classed as a slightly upmarket version of Bifolds meaning you’ll most likely be paying a slight premium for the privilege (a good example of this is the Frenchie Wallet).



The Convenient Wallet

The credit card holder is an extremely sought-after style in the modern age. While the use of paper money has lessened over recent years, credit card holders have become the small, convenient option for holding only the essentials: credit cards. 

The cardholder is about the size of a credit card and only holds a few cards—it leaves absolutely no room for loose cash. That said, a credit card holder is useful for those who are in search of downsizing to a slim and minimalist option. Since their design is compact, credit card holders are very versatile concerning location. You can carry them nearly anywhere, including a shirt pocket. They allow for plenty of freedom and enable you to keep your cards secure and easy-to-reach. 

However, if you’re hoping for a wallet that will hold all of your items, this small and condensed style might not work for your needs. Consider a cardholder as an option if you’re hoping to lose some bulk and only carry what you need. 


Zipper Wallets

The All-Inclusive Wallet

Zip or Zipper wallets are so-called due to the fact they include a zipper on them. But generally, it can get much more complex than that. Zip Wallet’s, as a type, usually refers to wallets that have a full zip-around style (like the image above) where cash and cards are stored and held securely inside an internal compartment only accessible through the zipper.

As you’d imagine, Zipper wallets are much more secure than normal wallets as your cash, cards or coins are stored internally so there are no fear items could fall out. Not only that, but zip wallets are the perfect wallet for people who enjoy or carry coins with them as many varients come with a dedicated inside pocket for coins.


Money Clips

For the Ultra-minimalist & the Future

Although money clips have existed as an extension to many different types of wallets they exist as a type of wallet all on their own. Money Clips have risen in popularity due to necessity as we slowly move away from traditional means of payments (physical cash) and carry much less than we’re used to. 

In the modern world, people can’t deal without their credit/debit cards as payment in cash is becoming unpopular. In modern times we’re making lots of purchases via the Internet, for example. Students pay for writing services assistance, like popular essayshark, Deliveroo (or Uber Eats), or simply the huge surge in eCommerce platforms (such as Amazon).

Because of that carbon fiber money clips are an ultra-minimalist way to carry very small amounts of cash and cards without the need to carry a bulky larger-sized wallet. They’re incredibly lightweight stylish and come in a huge variety of different designs to suit your needs.


Slim Wallets

For the Minimalist in Us All

Also referred to as a minimalist wallet, a slim wallet is a type of wallet that is small in size. It’s open to debate as to the exact size a wallet must be to be considered slim, but a general rule of thumb is no larger than a typical credit/debit card. That being said, this is just a guideline and it really comes down to the individual person and their needs. 

Over the last decade, minimalist/slim wallets have dramatically increased in popularity simply down to the fact people carry less with them on a daily basis. People are also swapping to slim wallets as larger wallets can be uncomfortable to carry in your pocket and contribute to a condition known as ‘fat wallet syndrome, where sitting on a larger wallet has been found to contribute towards back problems. 

Slim Wallets rose to popularity around 2014 when the first Ridge Wallet was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter. This wallet was not only small and compact but made from metal and material that hadn’t been traditionally used in wallets up until this point. Their success led to a huge surge in similar-style wallets and they’ve been popular ever since spawning many alternative options available on the market. Some good examples of slim wallets include The Trove, and Cappla are all popular brands of slim wallets. 


RFID Wallets

For the Security Conscious

Any style of wallet can be an RFID Wallet. To be considered an RFID Wallet it must have what’s known as RFID Blocking Frequencies. This is to protect your credit/debit cards against a rising crime known as ‘Card Skimming’. 

This crime uses your cards contactless card feature against you allowing thieves to steal money instantaneously. Similar to how you pay for stuff with your contactless card, thieves can walk up to your pocket with a payment device, and automatically take funds up to their desired amount. 

RFID (which stands for Radio-frequency identification) is a security measure that blocks the signals which would usually activate your card. Wallets with RFID are lined with a special material that blocks this and protects you against card skimmers. It’s open to debate as to how prevalent this crime actually is. Data suggests that you’re highly unlikely to ever come across a card skimmer, but it always pays to be prepared. 


Other Wallets

For the Bizzare and Unique

We’ve not mangaed to cover every single type of wallet on the market – there’s to many to consider! With that said, there’s a wide world of different wallets on the market ranging from unique smart wallets that intergrate technologty through to Top Men’s Biker Wallets that utlise more niche features such as a wallet chain. 

Don’t limit yourself to just the wallets mentioned on this article. Why not check out the full range of wallets on offer across the globe and you maybe might just discover something perfect for you – something you didn’t know you needed. 


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