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[Buyers Guide 2022]

Magic Wallets, sometimes also called Flip Wallets, are an innovative and creative style of wallet that’s been popular for around a decade now. Magic Wallets all come in the same style and use a design that actually can be dated back hundreds of years. But what exactly is a Magic Wallet? How does it work, and is it the right choice of wallet for you? The video below is a great overview of the way Magic Wallets work. 

Today we’re going to be looking into our top Magic Wallets looking at various aspects that may influence your decision to purchase any one wallet. This includes its durability, design, cost, and storage capacity. Let’s just right in. 

How do Magic Wallets Work?

Magic Wallets work by placing notes, receipts, or business cards on the side of the Magic Wallet and closing it (simple isn’t it?). Just flip your wallet over and open it, and your cash will magically stay neat and tidy and storge itself under the straps automatically. Two taut horizontal straps ensure it doesn’t fall, even when shaken, inverted, or thrown. Removing your money is as easy as taking it out from under the strap or flipping the wallet back over.

  • They open from both ends allowing you to store and access your money and cards easily.
  • A Magic wallet is essentially two separate wallets connected together through a series of either leather or elastic straps. These straps are designed and laid out in such a way that stored content (cash/cards) can be accessed from both sides. 
  • Items can easily be stored and accessed with ease. Storing and accessing cards is simple and intuitive thanks to its ‘Magic’ design. 

Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet

Garzini is probably the most famous and well-known brand that sells Magic Wallets. Having been on the market for over 10 years they’ve created a successful brand in developing highly innovative and unique magic wallets with both charm and craftsmanship. Their standard Essenziale Magic Wallet is perfect for people looking for a Magic Wallet that is both affordable, lightweight, and minimalist in size. 

The wallet itself can store up to 10 cards (including anti-slip card slots), banknote storage in the so-called ‘magic’ aspect of the wallet, and RFID Blocking protection as standard. What’s really great about Garzini is their quality. Handcrafted from top-grain leather each wallet from Gazini has a napper finish with a similar texture to the likes of Suade. This gives a premium look and feels all at the low price tag of $40.00

All Garzini Magic Wallets are also available in a wide array of different colors, to suit your own individual style, including unique color offerings such as blue, and green. They can also be purchased in a crocodile-like material with unique textures and patterns. Finally, Garzini also offers additional functionality in some of their other wallets. Their Magic Coin Wallet has additional storage for coins, while their ID Window wallet, as the name suggests, provides a see-through cutout for showcasing any Identification card. For more information on Gazini check out their official website using the link below.


Status Anxiety Flip Wallet

Status Anxiety is a unique brand close to my heart. Their name derives from the concept and condition of the way we compare ourselves to others – anxiety stemming from the possessions we own, and those we don’t, and developing anxiety over missing out. Status Anxiety is trying to draw attention to this and its brand revolves around the idea that material goods don’t need to be a huge deal/issue. 

Among a variety of different goods Status Anierty sell a large variety of different men’s wallets – including Magic Wallets. Sticking to its own ethos, of minimalism and affordability the Status Anxiety Flip Wallet is a great choice for anyone looking for an attractive Flip Wallet at the compact size of just 102 mm x 70 mm x 8 mm. The Flip Wallet itself is made from full-grain soft leather with a beautiful texture and provides able storage with 4 card slots on the outside (with a capacity of 8 cards) for easy access. 

Overall, the Flip Wallet by Status Anxiety is a fantastic Magic Wallet and best for those who want a minimalist-sized wallet for easy access and a comfortable carry experience. The Wallet comes in 4 attractive colors such as black, brown, tan, and green. For more information on the Flip Wallet, and Status Anxiety as a brand, check out their official website using the link below. 

J Crew Magic Wallet

The J Crew Magic Wallet is a little rough around the edges but a perfect option for those looking to maximize their value for money and are looking for a more affordable option. I say a little rough, as J Crew uses fewer premium materials on this list hence its more affordable price tag of $23.50. J Crew themselves probably don’t need an introduction as they’re the biggest name brand on this list having been providing a huge array of different clothes at prices that are more than affordable for most people. 

Like the above Status Anxiety Wallet, the J Crew Magic Wallet is very slim and simple in design coming in at just 4 1/8″H x 2 3/5″W. The leather is Faux Leather which although isn’t the best quality leather around is good enough for most and should last with proper care. Along with the typical Magic Style interior, the outside offers 4 dedicated card slots for easy access and the storage of up to 8 cards (2 cards per slot). It’s easy to use, affordable, and a great budget option for anyone looking for a Magic Wallet from a trusted brand. For more information on the J Crew Magic Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

Hunterson Vegan Wallet

Hunterson is another brand that only specializes in Magic Wallets. Much like Garzini, they provide a great array of wallets that go beyond what most magic wallets offer with options for coin storage and other innovative features. Another reason Hunterson made this list is down to their use of unique leathers, specifically Vegan Leather, that adds a suitable dimension to the wallet and brand which we love. The Leather is actually made from Pineapple Leaves (yes, you read that correctly) in a way to reuse and recycle previously unwanted materials. 

In terms of functionality, the Hunterson Vegan Wallet can store up to 8 cards thanks to its 4 card slots located on the outside (reverse side) of the wallet. Inside the wallet are the typical magic wallet features with elasticated straps offering durability and flexibility in using your Magic Wallet. RFID is included as standard and all wallets can accommodate international banknotes for peace of mind. 

Finally, Hunterson is also very affordable coming in at a price tag of just $40.00. This is probably a little expensive for some, but considering the attention to detail, great craftsmanship, and the fact the wallet is vegan and sustainable we’re happy to pay this price. For more information on the Hunterson Vegan Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

Flap Boy Slim Wallet

Jamie Jacobs Flap Boy Slim Wallet is the final wallet on this list. What we like about this wallet is not just the customization options available (optional engravings/monograms are available), but also the higher capacity for credit/debit cards this wallet offers. In total, the Flap Boy Slim Wallet has 8 card slots much higher than other wallets on this list yet still retains a smaller minimalist size of just 10.2cm x 8.3cm x 0.8cm. These card slots allow for a maximum capacity of up to 13 – 14 cards with these slots being hidden in the center of the wallet. 

Other features include RFID Blocking and the previously mentioned optional engravings that allow for a short message or name to be printed on the front of the wallet (see picture for exact location). The wallet is also available in a great array of different colors, 10 to be exact, that changes not only the color of the leather but allow for color changes in the elastic straps (something unique to this wallet). 

Overall the Flap Boy Slim Wallet by Jamie Jacobs is a fantastic Magic Wallet best suited for people who need the additional capacity that others on this list don’t provide. Its biggest letdown is its expensive price tag starting at a whopping $55.00 with additional fees if you choose to add a custom monogram. For more information on the Flap Boy Slim Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

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