The Tyni Wallet Review

A Good array of wallets or something else?

The Tyni array of wallets was designed and developed by Teng & Co. a brand dedicated to a small array of leather wallets. When I first got my hands on the Tyni Wallet the first thing I noted was its overall poor material choice. Being made from Genuine Leather you can immediately tell the material isn’t as good quality as many other wallets on the market. The leather is thin,  doesn’t age well, and generally has a lower chance of lasting in good condition over time. This choice of Genuine Leather is replicated over the other wallets in the Tyni Wallet range including their Slim and standard bifolds. 

In terms of functionality, you have the choice between two main types of wallets made by Tyni. The first is their minimalist style cardholder. This is pretty much a commonly used design that is made for its incredibly thin size for a great fit in any pocket. This wallet, made for minimalists, can store up to 8 cards between its 2 card slots. Your other choice from Tyni is their Bifold Wallet, which in my opinion, is the best option in their range. Although the wallet takes the same design as any typical bi-fold on the market it still does a great job of providing ample storage of cash and cards stored in a systematically easy and appealing way. 

Overall, I have mixed feelings about the Tyni Wallet. On one hand, I can’t get behind the poorer choice of material which isn’t ideal for a wallet you want to last. That being said, this choice of material is reflected in the Tyni Wallet’s price tag coming in much cheaper than other higher quality wallets (starting at $30.00). 

The functionality of the wallets is their strongest asset and I found the Tuni Bifold Wallet to be the best in terms of overall shape, design, capacity with decent ease of access to your cash and cards. But, at $50.00 I’m still not convinced the wallet is priced accordingly to the material of choice with other more durable and quality wallets available on the market at similar price tags. For more information on the Tyni Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 66% 66%
  • Design 68% 68%
  • Price 72% 72%



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