Trove Cash Wrap Wallet Review

A minimalist trifold with all the tricks

The Trove Cash Wrap wallet is a trifold inspired wallet with a small size and a huge variety of colors and customization options. The Cash Wrap is a true minimalist wallet and when measured is only slightly larger than a typical credit/debit card. It’s probably on the thicker side when compared to other minimalist wallets, but still thin enough not to be easily felt when stored in a front or back pocket. Cash Wrap’s choice of material and build quality is also on point. Being made from Vegetable Tanned Leather makes puts it in the top 10% in terms of high-quality materials, and it looks and feels amazing in the hand. 

The Cash Wrap is divided into three equal sections that fold into each other being secured in place by an elasticized band. Each of these sections is used for different things. The first is where you store your credit/debit cards. Bankcards are stored within an elasticated pouch with cards being stacked upon each other (for a capacity of around 3 – 6 cards). The second middle section accommodates your banknotes which lie flat lengthways across the wallet and provide a very easy way to access your cash when out and about. The final section of the Cash Wrap is for coin storage. This is very unique to the Trove, and considering the wallets, minimalist size is a great addition to the wallet.  

Finally, Trove, as a brand, is known for its fantastic customization options. Although you can’t fully customize the Cash Wrap (like the Original Trove Wallet), you can add a custom Monogram to the wallet and choose from a huge variety of unique colors including red, blue, green, and even a Carbon Fibre variation. 

TL;DR: An innovative and amazing wallet. What I love about the Trove Cash Wrap is the fact it’s a minimalist size wallet, yet has so many features with fantastic capacity including coin storage. At a price tag of £38.00, I really can’t not recommend it as its attractive, customizable, and easy to use. 

  • Functionality 85% 85%
  • Design 73% 73%
  • Price 70% 70%


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