The Slimpuro ZNAP Wallet Review

The ZNAP Wallet by Slimpuro is a German-made hybrid wallet combining a traditional metal wallet with a leather exterior in the form of a trifold wallet. The wallet aims to maximize functionality while continually providing an attractive design, modern look & feel, with a price tag that’s very enticing compared to other wallets on the market. But how well does the ZNAP perform in reality? We tried the Znap for a total of 1 month and see how well it held up.

Slimpuro themselves are a fairly new company having only been founded in 2017. They are big on making stark changes, innovation so to speak, in product design to make our lives better. They say For years we have been dealing with various products and are thinking about how we can optimize them even more in order to guarantee the greatest benefit with high design standards.


Look & Design

Let’s first talk about the size of the ZNAP Wallet because it’s quite unusual. Coming in at 8.8 x 6 x1.8 cm, the Znap is neither overly large or small enough to be considered minimalist. I like to call these types of wallets ‘hybrids’ as they choose an in-between size that retains a lot of functionality (storage of cash, cards, etc..), but doesn’t go too small as to hinder performance. I personally prefer this size of wallet, as they always create a good compromise between form and function. 

The next aspect of the ZNAP Wallet is its material. While the back section is made out of a strong and durable metal (same on every version), the front portion can be bought in a range of different materials and leather grades. This includes genuine leather, made to look in the style of carbon fiber, but also a Cork and more fine grain leather model. Most of these wallets are also Available in a great variety of colors – red, yellow, blue. The chances are you’ll be able to find one that fits your own style. 

Overall, the quality is a mixed bag with the ZNAP. The fake genuine leather of the so-called ‘carbon’ Znap wallet (which isn’t actually carbon fiber but a look-alike material) isn’t great, while the Cork version, in my opinion, look much higher quality, has a more luxurious feel, and benefits from Cork being a sustainable material that has less of an impact on climate change. Cork also has a natural water resistance which is nice to have.


Functionality & Utility

The Znap wallet is essentially designed in two parts. The first, the front side of the wallet, is a trifold, available in a wide variety of different materials (see above). This part of the wallet’s main function is to store banknotes in a full-width slot for easy access and storage of tons of notes (can accommodate notes from most countries). The only thing that annoys me regarding this leather trifold is the fact once unfolded the internal section actually doesn’t have any functionality. It honestly wouldn’t be too difficult to build in some card slots or other features that would further maximize the wallet’s space for higher capacity and storage. It honestly just seems a waste of space and adds unnecessary bulk to the wallet.

The reverse, or backside to the wallet, is the metal portion of the wallet and acts as the main way to store your credit/debit cards. Depending on how many cards you own you can further customize your wallet to carry less or more, which in turn, have an influence on size (the Znap’s thickness) and the price you pay. Cards are stored in a so-called ‘card stacking’ method, where they’re stacked on top of each other. Exposed ends mean you can use a finger or thumb to push the cards outwards, essentially cascading them, for easy access – a good and efficient method for easy access.

Two more things to add regarding the ZNAP Wallet. Coins can also be stored at the bottom of this metal compartment (below the credit/debit cards), and the wallet comes with RFID Security, as standard, which helps protect against the rising threat of contactless fraud or card skimming. 

Price & Value

With a variety of different models, Slimpuro has a variety of different price points for people on varying budgets. At its lowest, you can purchase the Znap Wallet for €39.99 (any of their genuine leather offering) with an increased price depending on the capacity you choose (12 or 8 card version). The price doesn’t vary that much (the max price you’ll pay for any Znap Wallet is €44.99), but I believe it might be the biggest factor when it comes to choosing the Znap wallet.

By this I mean what different materials it comes in, does have a huge impact on quality and probably whether or not your’ll wallet will last a few years, or a lifetime. Sometimes it’s worth paying that little bit extra to know you’re wallet, or any product honestly, is the best possible version it can be. I would definitely recommend choosing the better quality model (cork is my favorite) which really isn’t much more expensive – choose wisely! 


Final Verdict

Overall, I enjoyed my time using the Znap Wallet. I found the combination of metal and leather complemented each other very well, and the layout is functional yet provides easy access. That being said, the quality of the ZNAP is dependent on the wallet you choose. The cheaper version (mainly the Genuine Leather model), does feel cheap and a little tacky, where their Cork or Fine Gain Leather version, is much higher quality. This is a case where your choice, and the price you’re willing to pay, will dictate this. 

Slimpuro has also given us a coupon code for our readers to use if you are interested in any of the ZNAP Wallet range. For 10% off your order use coupon code ‘ALLTWALLET10’ at checkout. For more information on the ZNAP Wallet by Slimpuro check out their official website by clicking the link below. 


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