The M 2 Wallet Review

An award-winning wallet from Minimum Squared

It’s weird, after reviewing hundreds of wallet brands it never fails to surprise me when I discover a new one and one that’s been around for years. Minimum Squared won this month’s ‘awesome discovery’ award for me, but that isn’t the only award they’ve won. As the Winner of the Red dot Award in 2016 (for their slim elastic wallet) for international design excellence. It’s this Slim Elastic Wallet by M 2 that we’ll be reviewing today. How well does this once award-winning design fair in 2020, and does it stand up to some stiff competition?

The Minimum Squared Wallet is one of great design. In a trifold style, the wallet folds nicely into a minimalist size coming in at just 92 x 65 x 15 mm (when closed). This is great as the wallet itself is highly functional with a great capacity for cash and cards (up to 10). The wallet is a joy to use, easy to take, and put back cards, and feels robust and secure thanks to the elastic strap (more on this later). 

The first thing to note regarding the M 2 Wallet is its material choice. Made from the famed Chromexcel Leather from the Horween tannery in Chicago, it’s apparent immediately in the initial unboxing that this wallet is high quality. The smooth touch and incredible aroma really give the wallet a high-quality feel. Along with the leather, the wallet also combines a second material – elastic. This elastic sits around the entire body of the wallet and is used to keep the M 2 Wallet compact and secure. 

The only issue I have is the price. The exact model I’ve reviewed here is quite extensive coming in at $77.00. I’m not going to say it’s not worth that price it just took me by surprise. This is actually the cheapest in their range also with their slim elastic wallet ranging as high as $182.00, which is far too expensive in my opinion. For more information regarding the M 2 Wallet check them out directly using the link below.   

  • Functionality 67% 67%
  • Design 75% 75%
  • Price 48% 48%



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