The Travando Slim Wallet Review

The Travando is one of the most popular wallets on Amazon. With over 1700 verified reviews and a 4.5-star rating it’s not surprising that the Travando is one of the first wallets that come up on the platform when searching for slim wallets. Not only that, but the price tag is incredibly enticing so it begs that question ‘is this wallet too good to be true’?

Travando is a unique fashion label for innovative and affordable wallets. We believe that wallets do so much more than just hold money. They make a statement about their owner and show the world what we’re made of. Our products epitomize our constant striving for progress and perfection and we put this energy and philosophy in everything we do’.

Look & Design

One great aspect of the Travando wallet is its size. The wallet isn’t small enough to be considered a minimalist wallet (comes in at 11,9 x 8,3 x 1,6) but is significantly smaller than most traditional bi-folds on the market today. I call it a ‘hybrid’ wallet as this in-between size is a great compromise between great functionality without the wallet getting too bulky. 

One disappointing aspect of the wallet is the type of leather it’s made from. Travando states the wallet is made from premium faux leather. On the initial unboxing, the wallet looked and felt great in the hand but faux leather isn’t renowned for being of quality, in fact, this type of leather is one of the lowest in terms of quality grades being made from the scraps of leftover leather. 

This begs the question of how well the wallet will hold up after prolonged use. I only used the wallet for around 1 month and although I didn’t find any issues who know how well it’ll last after a year for example. If you want more information on the type of leather grades to look out for, what is good and bad, check out our full article on the subject here.

The overall aesthetics of the wallet is fantastic in my opinion. The wallet comes in a small but great range of color options (including orange/black, all black and a carbon fiber look) which really creates a premium feel. My favorite is the orange black version. The outside of the wallet is all black with a lovely orange leather on the inside that compliments the wallet nicely. Keep in mind the carbon fiber version isn’t actually made from carbon fiber but just has a carbon style look to it. 

Functionality & Utility 

The Travando wallet also has a great range of functionality. With 7 dedicated card slots, the wallet has a maximum capacity of around 1 – 10 cards. The wallet could probably accommodate 2 cards per slot but that’s a bit of a stretch. I’d stick to one card per slot as cards can become a pain to access with any more than this. 

One of these card slots is also on the outside of the wallet. This is meant for your most used cards and also includes a quick access slot that enables you to access this card quickly and at speed when out and about. A great feature to include. 

In terms of banknote storage, the wallet uses a stainless steel money clip to handle this located on the right-hand side of the wallet once opened. This clip is incredibly durable and adds to the premium look of the wallet. Notes are folded and slipped under the clip and held securely down. 

Finally, the wallet also comes with RFID protection to protect yourself from contactless card fraud. If you come from a country where this type of crime is on the rise it’s a great feature to have to prevent criminals from stealing your money while on the move. For more information on how RFID protection can help you check out our article on this here. 

Price Tag

The Travando Slim Wallet currently retails at $39.95 currently on offer at $29.95. This is a great, fair and reasonable price tag for the wallet you get. I think the wallet is priced accordingly and you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth with the Travando. 

Final Verdict

I really enjoyed my time using the Travando Slim Wallet. It does everything you need in an attractive design at an affordable price tag. The only negative I found was the use of genuine leather but that is reflected in the cheaper price so I can’t really complain. I recommend this wallet to people who want a great all-round wallet. For more information on the Travando wallet check it out on Amazon using the link below.


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