Shevrov Wallet Review

Another Ridge Wallet Knock-Off?

Another wallet and another generic knock-off. I don’t mean to be so harsh when it comes to reviewing these types of wallets I dub ‘Copycat’ or even ‘Fake’ wallets, but if you’re interested I explain more in my detailed article here

Disclaimer: Everything written beyond this point is my own honest opinion and judgment and should not be taken as fact. Please do your own due diligence before making any well-informed purchasing decisions. 

In essence, The Shevrov Wallet is essentially a cheap, knock-off wallet mass-produced from Chinese wholesale sites such as Alibaba or Aliexpress. Companies from the US import these mass-produced wallets at exceedingly low prices (sometimes as little as a few dollars) and resell them online to consumers at insane markups. 

It isn’t the fact these wallets are inherently bad, they serve a purpose, but it’s more of a moral stance I take in condemning or advising against people purchasing these types of wallets. They cost little to make, people are charged a fortune, and the quality and durability of these wallets are simply poor. 

The Shevrov Wallet itself is a simple knock-off of the popular Ridge Wallet. Ridge itself has quickly become the world’s largest independent wallet brand, but that comes at a cost. Ridge wallets aren’t cheap, and without any sort of patent laws protecting the design many fakes or knock-offs have popped up in recent years fuelled by Chinese companies mass producing them at record speeds. 

So in essence, I highly recommend avoiding these wallets. The combination of a modern and popular design along with an attractive price tag (starting at $22.95) really is tempting. But I honestly, find the poor craftsmanship, and cheap materials to be among just a few reasons why it definitely pays to invest a bit more into a wallet to get a lot more out. 


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