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The Alpha Wallet, as far as we’re concerned, is another mass-produced wallet originating from China. These wallets are made in cheap Chinese factories and sold to companies in the West to then be sold again for increased markups. I’ve never liked these types of wallets due to the misleading business practices (companies claiming wallets are handmade or unique) nor have anything nice to say regarding the quality and craftsmanship of the wallets themselves. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss the Alpha Wallet, look into whether or not they are a dropshipping company, and see whether we can track down the wallet they sell on Chinese Wholesale sites. We will also look into some of the other shady practices they partake in and discuss whether you can trust this wallet brand. 


Alpha Wallets are Always on Discount

The first shady practice that Alpha Wallet partakes in is creating a fake sense of urgency on its website by discounting wallets. If you load up the Alpha Wallet website you might see that all their wallets are currently on offer at 40% Off. While this might seem innocent on the surface, a little digging shows that these wallets have been on offer for at least 2 years. 

I don’t know about you but an offer usually suggests it might end in the near future (such as Black Friday or Christmas offers). But in the case of The Alpha Wallet, they deliberately created a fake offer to make it seem like potential customers are getting a better deal. It’s a shady practice, illegal in many countries, and is one red flag as to why we feel you should avoid Alpha. 


Are Alpha Wallets Chinese Made?

It just takes a quick search on the Chinese wholesale website Alibaba to see where the company behind Alpha Wallet originally bought its stock. I typed in ‘carbon fiber wallet’ on the platform and was immediately presented with a variety of nearly indistinguishable wallets. Looking through the various company listings and wallets themselves it’s clear that purchasing a wallet of this same style, quality, and design can cost you as little as $2.95.

The image above shows a picture of the wallets from the Chinese wholesale website Alibaba (you can also view the listing here). As you can see, they are exactly the same, and I can confirm, after having them both in my hand, they are indeed the same, aside from the custom engraving of the Alpha Logo on the metal money clip. As you can see, these wholesale websites are happy to provide custom engravings for a little extra cost. 


Final Verdict

Overall, after reviewing the information we’ve been presented to us on the Alpha Wallet website, and comparing it to those on Chinese Wholesale sites, we’re confident that the Alpha is just another cheap knock-off wallet that isn’t worth your time. We can’t be sure if Alpha is a dropshipping website, but are still skeptical based on the myriad of similar websites currently knocking around the internet. In conclusion, we recommend you avoid the Alpha Wallet. 

We must also mention that Alpha claims that the wallet is made from real carbon fiber. This is a laughable claim and is untrue. The only evidence we need is that carbon fiber can only ever be colored Black (due to the natural color of Graphite). Considering Alpha apparently sell their wallet in colors red and blue showcases that this isn’t real Carbon Fiber but simply a fake ‘look a like’ material that attempts to mimic the appearance of natural carbon fiber. 

Our Verdict

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We recommend you avoid any so called ‘no-name’ wallet brand. These are simply wallets bought from large wholesale manufacturers and resold to consumers without any quality, craftsmanship considered. These wallets are sold under hundreds of different brand names and are not worth your time or money. 


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