Shalo Tek Wallet Review

The Most Customisable Metal Wallet

The Shalo Tek Everyday Wallet is a Unique plate metal wallet handmade in the united states and with a uniquely compact design. Its design resembles a sort of cardholder/business case with all cash and cards being stored within a single large slot in the middle. Being made from Aircraft grade aluminum flannels and frame the Shalo Tek wallet is highly durable, yet lightweight and provides a great synergy between strength, durability, and attractive design. 

One of the most unique aspects of the Shalotek Wallet is its range of variations to choose from in color with 10 different variations with some really unusual choices including colors like orange, red, and brown. Not only this, but the Wallet is also highly customizable including its own website builder that allows you to design, in real-time, your own wallet with a variety of different options. This includes being able to fully choose the color of your wallet, frame (the side of the wallet), and screws. 

Finally, the Shalo Tek Wallet also has decent storage for both cash and cards especially considering its minimalist size. The wallet can hold between 1 – 4 cards on each side (2 – 8 credit/debit cards total) or two cards each with up to 5 banknotes. A Quick access thumb slot directly in the middle for quick access to cards and a more seamless and efficient way to access them at ease. The wallet also includes RFID security as a standard for peace of mind against contactless card fraud.

Overall, I was happy with both the quality, capacity, and general look and feel of the Shalo Tek. Is it the most attractive metal wallet I’ve come across? Definitely not, but it’s seamless and has great storage and customization. Coming in at a price tag of $85.00 (currently on offer for $65.00) the wallet is averagely priced compared to other metal wallets and including its lifetime warranty is reasonable. For more information on the Shalo Tek Everyday Wallet visit their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 63% 63%
  • Design 70% 70%
  • Price 68% 68%



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