Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet Review

Founded in 2007, Maine, Rogue Industries is a brand built upon the tradition of American leather-working and the need for innovation in design. Rouge Industries offer a fantastic array of products ranging from travel bags to wallets and always prides authenticity and quality in everything they produce. This is taken a step further with Rogue Indistires focusing a lot on their own sustainable and ethical business practices when it comes to sourcing their materials and running their manufacturing facilities (their offices and workshops are powered by renewable solar).

The history of Rouge Industries starts with its founder, Michael, who after visiting a doctor about his back pain was recommended to ditch his bulky bi-fold and sort a more lightweight and thin wallet. After being unable to find a wallet that suited this need, he took it upon himself to develop a now patented design shaped to fit the cut of your front pants pocket. From here, Rogue Industries found success with this innovative design and continuously strive for their core principles of quality and craftsmanship. 

Look & Design

The first thing to note is Rogue Industries impeccable design and choice of materials. Being made in the US, they use Free-range American bison from the American West as their choice of leather. This full-grain bison leather has a few distinct averages compared to traditionally used cowhide including its immense durability thanks to having around 40% more tensile strength compared to other leathers. 

Bison Leather also has a more distinctive grain. If you look closely at one of Rogue Industries’ wallets you can clearly see a more detailed and unique texture. This is enhanced by Rouge Industries’ minimal tanning process allowing the natural color and texture to shine through. And like any high-quality leather, it will develop a rich and deep patina over time. This creates a highly desirable look and feels like the leather ages.

In terms of the Front Pocket Wallets craftsmanship, I can’t fault it. Each wallet is handmade with craftsmen who have amassed years of experience and it really shows with the perfect stitching and attention to detail is impeccable. This all amounts to a wallet that is most likely going to last you a very long time, if not forever if cared for correctly. 


Functionality & Utility 

Designed in a traditional bifold (billfold) style the Front Pocket Wallet by Rogue Industries is as classic as it gets and uses it this its advantage. With this, you get everything you’d expect from any traditionally sized bi-fold (sized at 5 in x 3.4 in x 0.25 in (or 12.7cm x 8.6cm x 0.6cm)) with capacity for a huge number of credit/debit cards and banknotes.  In total the wallet has 8 individual card slots. 4 on each side of the wallet, with 1 on each side being an internal card slot. A classic full-width cash slot lies upon the top for easy storage and access to bills. 

You can store up to 2 cards in each card slot giving the wallet a maximum capacity of 12+ credit/debit cards (you can double up card slots for increased capacity). You can choose to turn one of the front card pockets into an ID Card slot if you’d like by selecting the dropdown before you checkout. The wallet also considers modern problems such as the issues of contactless card skimming and includes RFID Blocking technology as standard – nice to have. 

Finally, as we previously mentioned, Rouge Industries’ inspiration for conception was down to creating wallets that can easily and comfortably be stored in a front pocket (hence its name). This has given rise to the Rogue Wallet’s innovative, and patented, design with a curved arch (hard to miss it) in its design. In practice, this shape is designed to fit inside any front pocket and perfectly aligns and fits to the shape of your pocket. This provides a more comfortable feel that can also help against issues of back pain


Final Verdict

Overall, I was highly impressed not only by Rogue Industries’ fantastic quality and functional wallet but also their dedication to bigger causes such as their sustainable business practices. The Front Pocket Wallet was a joy to use, and its durability and attractiveness can’t be understated. I recommend this wallet for people who want to retain a traditional vintage-style wallet but also want an affordable wallet that has the potential to last you a lifetime. 

Coming in at a price tag of $65.00 the Front Pocket Wallet is highly affordable in my opinion and considering its sheer quality an absolute steal when compared to similar handmade/quality wallets on the market today. For more information on the Rogue Industries, Front Pocket Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 


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