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It finally happened after paving the way and stamping their authority on the men’s wallet industry Ridge is finally back with a brand new never before seen product that expands their range further in the men’s everyday carry space. When I first heard Ridge was releasing a new product I knew straight away if it was anything like the famous Ridge Wallet, the most popular wallet in the world, it would most likely be something special. 

Now Ridge hasn’t strayed far from the world of wallets. Their latest product, The Ridge KeyCase, is definitely aimed at accompanying your Ridge Wallet to further streamline and create an everyday carry experience that’s seamless, stylish, and built to last. Ridge was kind enough to send me both versions of their Key Organiser (sometimes referred to as a key wallet) and having used it for over a month now I’m here to provide my verdict. Below you can check out our quick unboxing video of the Ridge KeyCase.  

Just to Section:

Look & Design

Functionality & Utility

Price Tag (Value for Money)

Final Verdict (Should You Buy?)

A Brief History of Ridge

In 2021 the Ridge hit their own unique milestone having more people searching for ‘ridge wallet’ as there are ‘men’s wallets’ becoming a category-defining wallet! This is a pretty incredible feat especially considering the sheer options available on the wallet market but proves testament to Ridge’s exemplary brand along with their part in popularising incredibly unique and innovative wallets helping bring about the modern array of wallets we know and love today.

This all started back in 2014 when Ridge first crowdfunded the original wallet back in 2014 on Kickstarter. Manging to raise over $25,000 in backing this was really not only the start of what would become the success of Ridge, but also the start of a new wave of wallets.


Look & Design

The first thing to note about the KeyCase is its exemplary quality. This isn’t something I’m surprised about as Ridge has continuously shown us time and time again their brand is built upon quality use of materials and products built to last. This is also why Ridge is confident in providing a very attractive Lifetime Warranty for all products, including the KeyCase. 

If I was to describe the Ridge KeyCase in one word it would be sexy. With smooth tapered edges and a beautiful clean design, the KeyCase takes the best qualities from both minimalism and modern design most noticeably sport cars interior. 

It combines two different materials including the exterior (either made from carbon fiber or aluminum) and a strong rubber that contacts the two panels together. This adds durability but also the much-needed elasticity for easy access when replacing or adding keys to the Organiser. The materials are some of the highest quality I’ve ever come across in any Key Organiser at that shows with mine still looking brand new after months of use. 


Functionality & Utility 

Coming in at a small size of 76 x 12 x 12 mm The Ridge KeyCase is a compact-sized organizational tool that allows from as little as 2 and as many as 6 Keys to be secured. This is achieved thanks to the Patent-pending tension panel system that creates a perfect balance of tension so keys can easily be accessible being swiveled outwards thanks to the cutout in the side of the KeyCase’s body (a similar design to the Ridge Wallet). This allows access of all keys in a 360 Degrees area with tension being able to be adjusted thanks to the easy-to-use Key Tool. 

On the rear end of the KeyCase is a metal loop that allows you to attach additional items to the Organiser that would normally fit inside it. This includes things like car keys, charms, fobs, or larger keys such as a Skeleton Key. Remember, the KeyCase is really only able to store the most commonly used keys also referred to as a deadbolt key. In size terms, this means keys any longer than 7.5 cm won’t fit inside the Ridge KeyCase. 

Quick Specs:

  • Material: Carbon Fiber or Aluminum
  • Weight: 2.5 oz
  • Size: 76 x 12 x 12 mm
  • Capacity: 2 – 6 Keys + additional keychain items

Price Tag

The Ridge KeyCase comes in two versions with prices depending on the material of choice. Their cheapest option, the Ridge Aluminum KeyCase comes in at $60.00, with their slightly more premium Carbon KeyCase at $85.00. If you’re looking for a way to carry your keys for life and want a guarantee of this, then I’d say this isn’t an unfair price at all. Ridge is built upon their core message of ‘not skimming on production/costs’ and this really shows with the KeyCase. That, and including their Lifetime Warranty, means that even if something was to go wrong – Ridge will have you covered. 

As a brand Ridge isn’t shy to provide a wide range of offers and discounts to their customers. Most holiday seasons, whether it be easter, thanksgiving, or Christmas, you can be sure they’ll be a great offer for you to capitalize on. At present (as of 25.11.2021) The Ridge is currently having its Black Friday sale with 15% Off all products sitewide. To claim this offer you’ll just need to apply the coupon code ‘FRIDAY15’ at checkout. 


Final Verdict

Overall, I was really happy with my time using the Ridge KeyCase and plan to use it indefinitely as my Key Organiser going forward. The sheer quality of materials is the main aspect here and I know that even with keys and other items on my keychain hitting and flashing against the KeyCase it won’t cause damage, scuff, or scratches. 

The unique metal tension plates mean that access to the keys is easy and always retains the correct amount of tension for easy access – something that’s an issue with other Key Carriers I’ve found. And finally, as someone who loves attractive items and places a lot of emphasis on design and quality you can feel beat the look and feel of the KeyCase.

For more information on the Ridge KeyCase check out their official website using the link below. Remember, Ridge currently has a 15% Off sale for Black Friday! Use Coupon Code ‘FRIDAY15’ at checkout to claim.


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