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We check out one of the up-and-coming NFC Business Card brands on the market in 2023. How good is the OVOU Card and how does it standard against the competition?

The OVOU Card is an NFC Business Card. It works by utilizing Near Field communication and technology that was first used in Star Wars toys in 1997. Its seen leveraged across a whole host of different technologies and products within the last few years seen used within Business Cards. These so-called ‘Smart Business Cards’ are making waves across the industry for their easy-to-use nature, eliminating many of the issues will traditional ‘paper’ business cards. In this article, we’re going to look at one of the most popular NFC Business Cards on the market to date – The OVOU Card. 

What Features does the OVOU Card have?

Like most NFC Business cards the OVOU Card works by using NFC to transfer information from one device to another. In the case of the OVOU, it’s the physical card and someone else’s smartphone. OVOU has developed a platform where you’re able to set up an online profile, similar to a social platform, that includes customized information such as Name, address, phone number, and social links. Once the OVOU Card is tapped on an NFC Enabled device, a pop-up should appear and allow the user to navigate directly to your OVOU Profile. 

The OVOU System is easy and intuitive to set up. When it comes to choosing an NFC Business Card different companies go with different approaches. The first is an entirely web-based system where your information is stored online on a webpage. The second is an app-based system, we’re setting up, managing, and viewing data is done within a custom-built app that can be downloaded on the IOS or Play Store. In the case of OVOU, they use a website-based system. This has a lot of advantages 

The OVOU cards are easy and initiative to set up. Their website will allow you to create a profile and walk you through the steps required to activate and use your OVOU Card. The website was fast and I never had any issues with downtime or slow speeds even using mobile data. 

The accuracy of the cards was about average when compared to other cards such as the Mobilio or V1CE Card. In a blind test, it took an average of 3-4 seconds for any smartphone to read the OVOU Card – very fast if you ask me. Once the website was launched that takes you to your unique OVOU Profile it took an additional 4 – 5 seconds to load, although keep in mind this is highly influenced by your own internet speed. Overall when compared to other mainstream NFC Business Cards the OVOU Performed on paired with the rest and was neither better nor worst than other popular business cards on the market. 


OVOU Card Analytics & Features

One of the most recent developments in the NFC Space is the idea of tracking and analyzing the data provided whenever someone scans your business card. This’ll allow you to track, in real-time, all the people who have ever scanned your card, and discover metrics like click-through rates and even conversions. At present, not many brands have developed this sort of system and OVOU is another brand that lacks this functionality. Aside from the sleek and attractive profile you get with OVOU they provide no additional functionality when it comes to tracking and analyzing the data gathered from your card. 


How much does the OVOU Card Cost?

The OVOU Card is one of the more expensive NFC Business Cards I’ve used. For its most basic card, it’ll set you back $79.99 for a single card (single payment – no subscription). Adding a custom logo to your card also isn’t cheap and will set you back an additional $70.00 on top of the card’s price. If you want to purchase multiple cards additional cards are $50.00 extra. OVOU does have a team package where you can purchase a minimum of 10 cards for $70.00 each (total of $70.00) – this team’s package does include custom logos. 

Put this in comparison to other cards on the market such as the POPL, Mobilo, and V1CE and you can see how expensive the OVOU is compared to others. Below is a quick breakdown and comparison (as of 10.02.2023) as to the cost of the cheapest card from each brand. As you can see below, The OVOU Card is the most expensive.

  • OVOU Card: $79.99+
  • V1CE Card: $50.00+
  • Mobilo Card: $19.50+
  • POPL Card: $9.50+

OVOU Card Design & Customisation

One of the biggest and most requested aspects of an NFC Business Card is its customization and personalization. After all, just like with traditional business cards, you want them to represent you or your brand whether that be with your own logo, typeface, or branding. Unfortunately, this is where the OVOU draws short. The OVOU has some of the least amount of customization options on the market and that really brings it down. 

You only get the choice of 2 colors – black and white – and at the standard price, the cards come with the large OVOU logo printed on the font. The cards themselves are made from a pretty typical PVC Plastic, the same your banknotes are made from. This isn’t inherently bad but many other companies offer different material types including metal and even wooden cards. The lack of colors, choice of materials, and text-based options really put the OVOU at the bottom of the list for customization. 


Is the OVOU NFC Card Worth It?

Overall, The OVOU Card is as good as other NFC Business Cards on the market today when it comes to functionality and features of the card. That being said, the lack of customization options of the OVOU is a big downside. Not only do you get limited designs, but the personalization of the cards doesn’t extend beyond your name(s) and company. No, no custom colors or materials – it really is a shame. 

OVOU does offer a customized logo but this comes in as an optional extra for an additional $70.00. Crazy when many cards provide this feature for free. On top of this, OVOU is one of the more expensive NFC Cards on the market with the standard card coming in at $79.99 higher than a lot of others such as POPL where a standard card, with no customization, can cost less than 10 dollars. There’s just no justification for such a high price and it’s baffling. 

Overall, The OVOU Lacks in many of the design aspects and when it comes to functionality is no better than other cards on the market. Because of this and its high price tag, we cannot recommend the OVOU Card. If you want some more information on our most recommended NFC Business Cards.

Our Verdict

  • Design
  • Features
  • Usability
  • Value



In our honest opinion, The OVOU Card leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the huge surge in NFC Cards available on the market at present. The high costs aren’t justified when it comes to customisation or must-have features and that isn’t a good look.


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