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The Orchill Corinthian Wallet Review

The Orchill Corinthian is a distinctive looking wallet with a style which will entice anyone’s head to rule their heart. I myself was a huge fan of this look with its hole style patternation and rustic range of green and brown colors. The Corinthian really standards on its own in terms of its design in a crowded marketplace full of dull, boring and very simple bi-fold wallets. But this wallet was always going to split opinions and is definitely one of the more difficult wallets I’ve reviewed in a while. Let’s break it down.

Orchill is a brand that place much emphasis on the design of there wallets. As soon as you browse there an eclectic range of wallets you’ll soon see they go an unusual take on style with intricate patternations and an unusual color palette. This I like a lot and the Corinthian wallet is no different from this. Let’s take a detailed look.

We’re serious about design; our products are fun, stylish and user-friendly. There’s always an emphasis on color. In fact, we take our name from a purple dye with a long history. We wanted classic design, but with added twists and refinement. Orchill started out with five styles of wallet and today we offer more than fifty variants. Our primary markets are here in Australia, the USA, though we also distribute our products in Canada, Japan, Singapore and beyond’. – Orchill 2020

Look & Design

We’ll start with the positives. The Orchill brand, as a whole, is highly attractive and I applauded the designers for what is a unique range of wallets. With specifically the Orchill Corinthian I found it’s sleek Appearance and brown leather to really stand out for other wallets in my collection. The unique Polka Dot patternation really lifts the wallet and the dark crisp brown coloration of the leather adds to its strong eye-catching design. Overall, I’d say this is one of my favorite bi-folds in terms of its appearance. 

The Corinthian Wallet is made from what Orchil calls top-shelf leather. I’ve not actually ever come across this terminology before but Orchill does state its ‘Nothing fake or PVC. At the same time, nothing too up itself’. I’d say this is a fair statement from having an Orchill wallet in my hand. I’d say the leather is satisfactory in both feel, texture, and quality. At times it can feel a little plasticky on the outside with a stark contrast with the inside leather which has a smoother disposition. 

Functionality & Utility 

In terms of its physical capacity, the Orchill hosts a very traditional bi-fold layout. With a simple bi-fold arrangement the wallet has 9 dedicated card slots and has a  long note slot located at the back for banknotes. 

On the outside of the wallet is a quick access slot for your most-used cards that can hold 1 perhaps 2 cards securely. Once opened, the wallet has 6 slots arranged in the typical hieratical style with 2 additional slots facing inwards at the fold of the wallet. Each of these slots can hold 1 to 2 cards easily (for a total capacity of around 18 cards. Although I did try this and it made the wallet bulk pretty bad and clumsy to use. Overall, the functionality is basic but does a good job if you’re only looking for large amounts of card storage.

The wallet also has an elasticated band that wraps around the wallet to keep it secure and together when on the move. This is something I don’t really see in my bi-fold designs and its a nice touch. A lot of the time when wallets are filled to the brim with cash and cards it can be difficult for a wallet to stay flat without it automatically pinging open. This eliminates this issue and keeps it together and the contents of the wallet secure. This is an optional feature though and you can purchase this wallet without this elasticised band if you so wish.

I must mention that this wallet is for US currencies only. I live in the UK and our notes are generally quite large, especially our £20 note. This means when used in conjunction with the Orchill the note is too large and sticks out the top of the wallet. Orchill also doesn’t offer a larger size for international buyers which isn’t uncommon among the majority of wallet brands. It seems they are completely segregating a huge proportion of their potential market (i.e. the rest of the world) and feel its a silly mistake for companies, like Orchill to do this. And they’re not the only culprit. I find a lot of manufacturers and brands do this.

Price Tag

The Orchrill range and the Corinthian wallet itself are mid-range priced wallets coming in at a price tag between $34.99 and $59.99. I’m again torn on this price as I’m confused as I personally feel this medium/high price is worth the price when considering its basic layout and satisfactory use of materials I’m not sure the price is worth the just the amazing design which is – at the end – personal opinion. I’d the Orchill Corinthian was, say, $30.00 then it’s definitely a wallet I can get behind but at double the price I think the range of options for more a higher standard of materials (say full-grain leather) is a better option.

Final Verdict

The Orchill Corinthian has me confused. I  love its design and uniqueness. But at the same time, I find using the wallet on a daily basis uninspiring and generally generic. The wallet isn’t that small either so if you’re looking for a more minimalist wallet I would look elsewhere. These reasons are why I can’t recommend the Corinthian. I will say with confidence though that I love the unique designs of the Orchill range and if this could be replicated in a more high-quality manner then I’d be more than happy to recommend this wallet. For more information on this wallet and to make the final choice yourself – check out Orchill directly using the link below.


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