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Formed as a case for your iPhone, The Nolii Phone Case is a multi-functional phone case with the added bonus of being able to accessorize it to your individual liking. The Phone Case itself is beautifully made and has a lovely soft touch feel is made from silicone with a microfiber lining to further protect your device. Other features of the case itself include 1m drop protection and wireless charging compatibility. The casing itself is available in a subtle but highly attractive array of pastel colors including orange, yellow (lime), grey(s), and blue.

Whether you want to hook the Nolli onto your arm, carry essential credit/debit cards, or even an external battery for a longer-lasting phone, it’s all possible thanks to the cleverly designed attachment point (known as the Patented Couple Click Lock) that seamlessly allows these add ons, or interchangeable accessories, to securely fit onto the back of the Nolii Phone Case. At present, Nolli offers 3 different lifestyle accessories (optional add ons at checkout) to can be purchased including the Nolli Wallet (£11.99), Lightning Battery (£27.99), and Fitness Band (£19.99).

Overall, I thought the Nolii was really creative, innovative, and a fantastic product. It has a quality look and feels to it, and the idea of being able to customize the phone case to my liking is innovative and works effectively in practice. It also opens up your case to new accessories that Nolii could introduce in the future which is highly promising. Not only that but Nolii commit to not changing the Patented Couple Click Lock meaning you’ll only need to upgrade your case when you swap phones, and all your lifestyle accessories will still be comparable. 

The price of the Nolii Case is £19.99 (accessory prices above), which is very cheap with the maximum price of the Nolli range (assuming you purchase all accessories) totals to £79.96. For more information on the Nolii Couple System Phone Case visit their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 86% 86%
  • Design 76% 76%
  • Price 68% 68%



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