The Moft MagSafe Wallet Review

The Ultimiate MagSafe Wallet for iPhones

Although I’ll always have a soft spot for Apple products, it sometimes pays to wait until other innovative brands improve upon what Apple offers. In the case of the MagSafe Wallet, this is especially true as shown in our Best MagSafe Wallet Alternatives article which showcases some of the best independent MagSage Wallets that ultimately are not just more affordable than Apple’s Offical Wallet but come with more features. 

One of the favorite wallets I’ve come across is the Moft MagSafe Wallet. You only need to look at its design to see it’s completely different than what Apple offers, simply down to its innovation and additional features. To start, the Moft Wallet works in the same way as every MagSafe Wallet designed to use a magnetic strip on the back that sticks to the back of any modern iPhone starting from the iPhone 12. 

Where the Moft Wallet differs from Apple’s is its ability to transform into a stand allow you to fold out the leather and stand whether it’s a portrait, landscape, or somewhere in between. This allows you for easy browsing of the web, streaming video, or a zoom meeting if you so wish. At 5mm/0.15in thick, the Moft Wallet also allows for great storage and easy access to your cards with a capacity of 3 cards or 2 with a small amount of cash (folded). 

Finally, the Moft MagSafe Wallet significantly undercuts the price of Apple’s coming in at just $25.00 compared to Apple’s $45.00. Overall, I really can’t justify not going for the Moft MagSafe as not only are you making a significant saving, not comprising quality and getting more features. It really is fantastic innovative and does everything you want for a seamless carry experience in an attractive phone case style design. For more information on the Moft MagSafe Wallet visit their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 72% 72%
  • Design 83% 83%
  • Price 85% 85%



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