The Best iPhone XS Cardholder Cases

[Buyers Guide 2022]

Did you know that, according to surveys, we remember our phones 96 times a day? If people know where their wallets, credit cards, or cash are the way they do with their phones, they’re less likely to lose them.

If you made it to this listicle, you probably already know how useful cardholder cases can be in this regard. This is why we’ve put together a list of some of the best iPhone XS cardholder cases available today if you’re looking for a new EDC setup. Let’s jump right into it. 


Lucrin iPhone XS Wallet Case

To kick things off, we’re looking at the fanciest, most customizable pick on this list. Lucrin iPhone wallet case is made of genuine leather. This bi-fold style wallet has one side with a protective shell for your phone, which, of course, allows wireless charging. 

On the other side, it has three slots for cards and another pocket for receipts or bills. It also comes with a magnetic flap to close it for added security. Now, this case comes with tons of exceptional customization options and that might be the only justification for its three-digit price tag.

It comes in 20 distinctive colors and one different type of leather. You can also engrave a name or initials for an extra $30-$40. Yep, that alone is more than the price tag you’ll find on most of the other cases we’ve looked at.

Material: Genuine leather, unspecified material for the phone shell

Structure: Bi-fold with magnetic flap

Size: 3 cards + receipts

Price: $149.00 – $189.00


Nolli Cases

This brand specializes in modular iPhone accessories, making its collection considerably exclusive. Nolii is a conscientious brand aiming for complete sustainability and fair pricing. They’ve put a lot of brain juice into the design of the few products they have, which all go together. The main product is their “Couple” case, which attaches to a variety of accessories, including a cardholder.

This cardholder is a little rectangle that goes on the back of the phone and carries two cads. It features soft-touch silicone which has a hole in the middle to push cards out with your thumb. The case and cardholder come in just 4-5 different colors each. You could either choose your own colors separately or pick one of the preset color pairings for a lower price.

The cardholder Couple is around $30, while the individual products cost around $20 each. Right now, they have a 25% discount code (NY25) that ends with January. The best part is that if you ever upgrade your phone, you’ll only need to buy a new case. The rest of the accessories will always be compatible.

Material: Polycarbonate, silicone outer layer

Structure: Click-on cardholder

Size: 2 cards

Price: $31.98 – $39.98


Official Apple XS Leather Folio

This list wouldn’t be complete without the classic Apple folio case. You get the iconically minimalistic Apple-style case, which turns the screen on and off. On the inside, you have one vertical slot that can hold receipts and “several cards.” The case is lined with soft microfibre to protect the back of the phone from scratches, and it comes in eight incredibly classy colors.

Material: French leather

Structure: Magnetic flap

Price: £99.00


The Jimmy Case

This case is amazing both in; it rocks some awesome designs, it has a real wooden back which feels great, and it’s extremely functional, especially compared to other entries on this list. It’s a bumper-style case with a real wooden back and a tight elastic pocket. This pocket can hold up to ten cards and more importantly, can hold all sorts of random items as well. 

It also has an eject-easy slot so you can push the cards out for smoother access. Their promotional video includes items such as earbuds sitting securely in that pocket and you know how inconvenient keeping your earbuds case at all times for when you want to pocket them.

Finally, you’ve got all kinds of designs you could imagine. From solid colors to tweed-like patterns, abstract art, and florals, you’re sure to find a design that suits you and your everyday gear.

Material: Real wood

Structure: Elastic pocket

Size: 6-10 cards

Price: $49.00


Mujjo Full Leather XS Case

Mujjo’s edgy-looking case has a special design with a diagonal slot that can hold up to three cards. This case is solid leather and comes in four classic colors. It also provides some protection for your screen with raised bezels, keeping its contact with surfaces to a minimum.

This case has an incredible design that pays attention to every minute detail. The camera and mute switch openings are smoothly curved inwards “for effortless use and a smooth aesthetic.”  The diagonal slot exposes part of the card, making it easier for you to access it. It also looks better with usage due to its genuine leather. The case has a huge discount right now, costing only $19.90 which is $35 less than its original price.

Material: Genuine leather

Structure: Diagonal slot 

Size: 2-3 cards

Price: $54.90


Nomad XS iPhone Cases

Finally, we’ve come to the classiest of the bunch, the gorgeous Nomad cases collection.  This case is truly beautiful and gets only better with age, which is beautifully elaborated on their website.

They have two wallet cases, the Folio and Tri-Folio. As the name suggests, the Folio has one fold, whereas the Tri-Folio wraps around the whole phone. This extra flap creates much more protection and space. The Nomad Folio case has three slots for cards and one for banknotes and receipts, while the Tri-Folio has four card slots and two cash slots.  Both cases provide 6ft drop protection and are wireless charging friendly.

Material: High-grade polycarbonate, Horween leather, TPE

Structure: Bi-fold, Tri-fold

Size: 3-4 cards, 1-2 cash slots

Price:  $69.95 – $79.90

Final Thoughts

All of these options are great for any busy day. Most of them can actually carry more cards than specified by the manufacturer, but some may not close properly, won’t last as long, and may not be as secure. So, be careful when stuffing one of these with cash or cards.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most of these cases are leather that develops a gorgeous patina with usage, but isn’t entirely scratch-proof. These will benefit greatly from being cleaned with a leather conditioner every now and then, prolonging their lives.


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