The Mowal Notch Wallet Review

Every so often a wallet comes around that really gets me excited. A wallet that breaks boundaries, innovates in unusual ways and goes against the grain setting a president for a truly new style of wallet. They don’t come around very often. The wallet industry can be overly stale at times. The likes of simple bi-fold or cardholder style wallets are rife, and innovation in metal or alternative material wallets has dwindled over the past few years. But this wallet changes a lot for me. It provides to me innovation and thinking outside the box is worth the effort – and it will be rewarded. 

Today I’m going to give you my full review and honest opinion on the Notch Wallet by Mowal. The first thing to note about the Notch Wallet is its design. The wallet is what’s commonly known as an Origami Wallet, one made entirely from paper (or a paper-like material) and folded into its wallet form by hand. What impresses me is not only does the wallet have fantastic functionality, compared to most other wallets on the market, but the Notch is completely glue or fasteners free with a tiny minimalist size. 


Look & Design

The first thing to note about the Mowal Notch is its material of choice. Due to its origami construct the wallet needs to use the thinnest possible material (without compromising durability). This paper, or cardboard-looking material, is actually made from a unique wood-leather hybrid. When handling the wallet you really wouldn’t know as the material more resembles cardboard with a slightly rough texture and highly flexible feel. The material itself is also sustainably made from materials that will degrade over time (reducing environmental impact) – nice for those sustainable forced individuals. 

One of my initial thoughts was skepticism about how well this paper material would last over time. Paper isn’t exactly the hardest material known, and understanding exactly how well it would last, over extended use, was a top priority of mine. I used the Notch wallet as my daily carry for over a month and was easily blown away with its durability. I initially thought it would suffer from creases or even tears, but I can confidently say that I’ve suffered no adverse effects of any kind when using the wallet. I’ll have to re-evaluate after longer use (a year plus), but so far the Notch Wallet has endured just as well as many types of leather or even metal wallet. Even water damage was minimal but I still wouldn’t recommend submerging it in any large body of water. 

Finally, we have to talk about the size of the Notch Wallet. Coming in at just 9.2 cm (h) x 6.7 cm (w) x 1.3 cm (d), the wallet is perfectly sized for those who are looking to slim down and carry less with them on a daily basis. What makes the Notch Wallet special is the fact considering the smaller size the wallet really doesn’t lose much functionality and still retains a high degree of capacity for cash, cards, and other items. I’d say that out of all the wallets I’ve ever reviewed the Mowal Notch ranks near the top for providing the most functionality in a wallet when compared to its size. This is something wallet brands have been trying to tackle for a long time and the Notch has hit the nail on the head.


Constructing the Mowal Notch

One aspect of the Mowal Notch I enjoyed, but others might not, is the fact you have to build or fold it yourself. When you first unbox the wallet it might seem a little overwhelming as this frankly odd-looking piece of paper looks nothing like a wallet. But rest assured, the process of folding the Mowal Notch isn’t as hard or daunting as you think. 

Overall, it took me around 30 – 45 minutes to completely fold the wallet, and honestly, I could have been quicker, but I really took my time to not make any errors and make sure each fold was perfect. The creator of the Notch Wallet, Christian, has made a fantastic and simple-to-follow video series (see below) that walks you through the folding process. 

Out of the entire video, there were only two parts of the process that I would label difficult. In Origami these hard folds, which I’d label as not for beginners, are quite difficult and you may find yourself replaying the video over and over again. Don’t give up it’s well worth the effort. Overall, I enjoyed creating my wallet and found it to be a ‘fun’ addition to just buying a wallet. That being said, I can see why this would put people off, and not want to go through the hassle. I feel Mowal could easily sell a pre-completed version of the Notch Wallet for a higher price tag and it would still fly off the shelves. 

Functionality & Utility 

As mentioned previously considering the size of the wallet, the Mowal Notch has a very high capacity of storage being able to carry cash, cards, and other items in highly easy to access ways. In essence, the wallet is split into what I’d consider 3 main sections which we’ll discuss in turn. The main cardholder section is where the wallet gets its name from – The Notch. The Notch is the equivalent to a ‘quick access’ slot, that can be pushed upwards to cascade your chosen card(s) out for easier access. This slot can store up to 2 cards. 

The second main area is what I dub the ‘pull out’ tray. This is an area that stores certain things internally within the body of the wallet. This is a fantastic aspect of the Notch Wallet as it can a variety of things including additional cards, cash, and even a few coins. It fits snugly inside the wallet, is highly durable, and greatly expands the functionality of the wallet without creating any unnecessary bulk – an impressive feat. 

Finally, we have to talk about the Cash Loop. This is a little card slot that’s blocked off at one side by a loop of paper than enables great storage of your bills (banknotes) but easy access from both sides. It works as a stopping mechanism. Cash can be accessed one way but not trapped and can be pushed back out. This can store a pretty big wad of cash (around 5 – 10 bills) easily and can accommodate bills for a variety of different countries.


Final Verdict

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I think the Mowal Notch is an absolute steal at the price tag of only $25.00. I think considering what this wallet offers that’s an absolute bargain and, I not afraid today, probably underpriced in my opinion for what you get. Even if the wallet isn’t for you, at that price you won’t have lost every much, and considering the prices of certain wallets on the market (many top brands charge top dollar), it really is a no-brainer. 

So what do I really think of the Mowal Notch Wallet? At his point you’ve probably figured out I’m a massive fan and think the Notch Wallet is one of the best I’ve reviewed in a very long time. The wallet is the perfect balance between high functionality, small size, and affordability and that is something or a rarity in the wallet market. Access to cash, cards, coins, or anything else that can fit in the wallet works seamlessly, without mentioning the unique sustainable material the Notch Wallet uses. For more information on the Notch Wallet by Mowal check them out on Etsy using the link below. 


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