The Nu Uno Cardholder Review

A Solid one-piece Construction Wallet

Sometimes I stumble across wallets in the most unusual places. Although Kickstarter has been a go-to place to fund wallets for over a decade now, I’m still surprised at the innovativeness of wallets, past and present, that have been funded through the platform. Today, we’re going to look at the Nu Uno Card Holder, a uniquely shaped cardholder-style wallet that was first funded through Kickstarter all the way back in 2013. Managing to raise just over $20,000 at the time, NU Lifestyle, the brand behind the Nu Uno Card Holder, has never really got the attention they may well deserve. 

The most distinctive feature of the Nu Uno Card Holder is the slight curve in its design. At first, you’d probably think this is counterintuitive as you wouldn’t want to forcibly bend your credit/debit cards. Although a concern the Nu Uno doesn’t actually bend your cards at all, the slight curvature allows for a more comfortable carry experience with its shape making it more ergonomic in your pocket and hand. 

A large cutout in the back is designed with easy access in mind, so your thumb, or a finger, can easily gain access to the cards and can be slid out with ease. Although the cardholder doesn’t have any ability to store cash, it does have a relatively decent capacity for credit/debit cards being able to store up to five cards with ease. Another neat feature of the Uno Card Holder is the included Attachment point at the top of the wallet allowing lanyards to be attached. 

Made from a single piece tough grade polymer (basically plastic). This makes the Uno Cardholder surprisingly durable and robust as being made from a single piece it’s not so susceptible to splits and cracks. Other wallets that may have been attached, stitched, or molded together can suffer more from deterioration over time. Available in a wide range of colors, with optional RFID Security, and with a minimalist design measuring just 60.3 mm wide x 10.3 mm tall, The Uno Cardholder has real merit. 

Overall, I was surprisingly impressed with how the Uno Card Holder performed and although there’s room for improvement (like cash storage), the unique attractive design, durability, and affordability (coming in at just $25.00) are fantastic. For more information on the Nu Uno Card Holder check out the NU Lifestyle official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 60% 60%
  • Design 74% 74%
  • Price 79% 79%



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