Field Notes Wallet Review

A beautifully handcrafted wallet for your Notebook

The Field Notes Wallet, by Leatherbound, is a wallet that capitalizes on the popular field notes. For those who don’t know, Field Notes are a small pocket-sized notebook that is aimed at people who love the outdoors and enjoy writing on the go. Field Notes were first introduced and designed by a brand of the same name and still remain to this day one of the most popular minimalist sized notebooks on the market today.

To accommodate the Field Notes Leatherbound has created a specific wallet that can carry and encases the notebook in a high-quality and attractive manner. Along with being able to carry the Notebook, or a Passport thanks to the similar sizes between the two, the Leatherbound Wallet can also be classified as a Travel Wallet thanks to this as its larger size and multiple large pockets can also accommodate other paper items like travel tickets or documentation. 

The wallet can also hold an array of other items to keep in tune with it being a ‘wallet’ (instead of simply a notebook carrier) including 4 card pockets (for a credit/debit card capacity of up to 8-10 cards) and two larger pockets that can either store more cards or cash (banknotes). Overall, I found the Field Notes Wallet to have the utmost quality and that’s down to the handcrafted nature of each wallet (made to order) and the attention to detail of each wallet. 

One amazing aspect of Leatherbound itself is allowing you to choose between a variety of different leather types all with their own distinctive look, feel, and quality. This includes the likes of a variety of full-grain leathers (top quality) including goatskin, Pueblo, Tuscany, and Saffiano leather. These can also be chosen in a range of beautiful color options, some very unique, including blue, red, and orange. 

Coming in at a price of $149.00 the Field Notes wallet is by no means cheap. That being said, the sheer quality of the wallet is up there with the best of them, and that I can’t fault it. If you look to carry a Field Notes notebook then you can do a lot worse than this great wallet by Leatherbound. For more information on this wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below.

  • Functionality 85% 85%
  • Design 78% 78%
  • Price 66% 66%


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