The Travelambo Travel Wallet Review

The Travelambo Passport Wallet is an attractive and stylish accessory that is perfect for use as a woman’s, or men’s, travel wallet. There are seven different colors available, so you will always have the perfect one to suit your individual style and taste. It is the perfect item to bring all of your essentials with you when you travel. There’s no doubt that this travel wallet is bang for your buck. At less than $20.00 the Travelambo is filled to the brim with a fantastic array of features which we’ll talk about today.


Functionality & Utility

As mentioned the Travelambo Travel wallet is highly functional with its range of features. It has plenty of room for all the documents and cards you may need to bring with you while traveling. With an array of extra slots packed in, you can easily bring along your passport, ID, credit cards, cash, travel tickets, visa, and any other documents your trip may require, and they are all there in one convenient place.

This particular travel wallet is especially desirable because it is designed to block RFID readers; this means you don’t have to be concerned about anyone stealing your information while you are traveling. All of your documents and cards with chips or strips that are RFID-readable are protected wherever you go with this wallet. This is nice to have, especially for a travel wallet, where tourists are more likely to be targeted for crimes such as this. 


In addition to all of the space for your travel cards and documents, this travel wallet also includes a zippered pocket, a flap pocket, and an oversized zippered pocket, all perfect for bringing three-dimensional items like makeup, medication, your phone, small mirrors, and anything else you need easy access to while traveling.

All of these slots and pockets make organizing your things for your trip so easy. In fact, it is one of the most commonly cited highlights of the wallet in online travel wallet reviews. Because this wallet isn’t huge, you can tuck it into a medium to large purse, or stow it in your most easily reachable piece of luggage. Traveling in comfort and style does not get much easier than with this travel wallet.

Look & Design

The biggest downside to the Travelambo, and one of the reasons it won’t be for everyone, is its overall design and build quality. To make these wallets as cheap as they are the Travelambo is made out of fake/cheap faux leather. In a nutshell, it’s essentially a plastic material, which is quite horrid to the touch especially due to its bumpy texture. Along with this, the overall craftsmanship is pretty poor. My Travelambo Wallet had misaligned stitching, frayed edges, and various stains that, in all fairness, I did wash off. 


The wallet is also very feminine looking. It’s definitely designed more for women although they have delivery not mentioned this to not put off men from purchasing the wallet. 

Overall, it’s clear that the Travelambo wallet wasn’t built for its quality and puts all of its emphasis on its huge array of features. I’ve not had a chance to personally travel with the wallet at the moment (thanks Covid) but I plan to next year. Hopefully, then I can get a better understanding of whether this wallet can withstand extensive use or it’s more of a ‘one-time-use’ sort of deal. 

Final Verdict

At a price tag of less than $10.00 it’s no wonder the Travelambo wallet is currently out of stock. At that sort of price tag you really can’t complain and although I’m really not a fan of the quality I can get past it because it’s so functional. 

It is often a challenge to know what to put where when we are packing for a trip, especially if you will have a number of things you need to reach easily. It gets even more complicated if you are traveling by plane, where there are the size and weight restrictions on what you can bring on board. This travel wallet solves the vast majority of those problems and ensures your trip will be an easy, relaxed, and pleasant one. 

The next time you are getting ready to travel, consider the Travelambo as your essential traveling companion. For more information on the Travelambo Travel Wallet check them out on amazon using the


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