iTravel Smart Wallet Review

The Smart Wallet for Travel

The iTravel wallet from Skybrone is an all-inclusive smart wallet first funded through Kickstarter in 2019. The wallet itself takes many of the classic aspects you’d expect from a Smart Wallet but encases them within a larger style travel wallet meant for those seasoned travelers. So what does the itravel wallet offer, is it worth the fairly large price tag and will it serve as your best travel solution in the future – let’s discuss. 

Having raised over $40,000 in crowdfunding success the itravel wallet has many fantastic features some of which are even uncommon for smart wallets on the market today. The main function that stands-out to me is included power bank that provides charging capabilities thanks to its 4000mah battery. After trying this out I found it worked very effectively. It enabled me to charge my smartphone to 100% in a decent time (2 – 4 hours), while also being quick to recharge itself. As a travel wallet itself, the itravel wallet also offers fantastic storage options for the likes of your passport, headphones, a pen, and any documents such as tickets. 

The itravel wallet’s overall design is also worth mentioning and clearly has been throughout extensively in terms of positioning and ease of access. Coming in at a size of 8″ Length x 5.5″ Width x 0.5 ” Depth, the wallet isn’t exactly small but this is to be expected from a wallet that is aimed at travelers and not meant to replace any EDC wallet. The leather itself is of good quality. Although i couldn’t find the exact type, on inspection, it was hardy and durable although not the highest grade possible. That being said, the craftsmanship is there and I have no doubt the quality of the itravel smart wallet will last and not degrade at any speed over prolonged use. 

Overall, I was very happy with the itravel wallet. Although I’ve not actually had the opportunity to use it for actual travel purposes (thanks covid), the wallet is everything and more you can expect from a good well throughout travel wallet. It doesn’t lack any ‘must have’ features and its overall design and quality are good enough for its price tag. Speaking of price, you can get your hands on this wallet for $145.00 but it’s generally on offer for half of that most of the time. For more information on the itravel smart wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 79% 79%
  • Design 74% 74%
  • Price 68% 68%



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