The Lejiled ‘Le N°01’ Wallet Review

A Premium Leather Origami Cardholder

Unique due to its stickless design Lejiled, a new brand founded in 2019 and found success first through a Kickstarter campaign, Lejied is an up-and-coming brand with a bright future. The original Kickstarter wallet crowdfunded was Lejiled oddly named Le N°01′ Cardholder. I tried looking for the origins of this name, but alas, I was unsuccessful. 

The Lejiled Wallet (which I’ll be referring to for this article) is what’s commonly known as an origami wallet. This is due to the fact has a stickless design, that doesn’t use any sort of adhesives or thread to create and maintain the shape of the wallet. Instead, the Lejied Wallet has been cleverly engineered and designed to be intricately folded into shape just like a piece of paper would in Origami. 

Due to this stitchless design, the Lejied Wallet has an immaculate and minimalist look. Aesthetically I can’t really fault it. I love its compact shape, and the little brass button on the front really gives it a vintage look. This is thanks to not only its design but the choice of leather being made from a really fantastic full-grain Tuscany Leather. All this together creates a fantastic durable wallet as its stitchless design means there’s nothing to fray, while the thick Tuscany Leather is famed for its durability.

For its smaller size at just 75 x 95 mm it really packs a punch in terms of capacity. In total the wallet can store up to 4-5 credit/debit cards stored within the wallet in 2 card slots (one located on the front and the other on the back). Cash is stored within one internal pocket, which also includes a quick access pub tab for a few banknotes folded. They even offer the wallet in a right-handed/left-handed variant which changes the positioning of the brass buckle for easy access whether you’re left or right-handed. 

Overall, I was really happy with my time using the Lejiled Wallet. Its attractive design, minimalist size, and use of premium materials really add up to create a fantastic leather wallet. At a price tag of around $63.00, the Lejiled Wallet is also highly affordable and really great value for money for what you get. Most wallets of this high quality usually come in at prices far above what you can get with Lejiled – great value for money.

If you’d like more information on the Le N°01′ Cardholder by Lejiled, and to browse their full range of wallets, check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 66% 66%
  • Design 84% 84%
  • Price 85% 85%



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