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[June 2021]

You may have noticed that in April we didn’t post a wallet round-up. That wasn’t a mistake, it turns out that April was probably the worst month yet for wallets being crowdfunded through either Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. That being said, we’re back in full force for June as we’ve got some amazing and innovative wallets to look at with much potential. Let’s take a look at what June 2021 can offer you in the Kickstarter wallet world. 

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SnapBack Slim Air Wallet 

The Snapback Slim Air Wallet was such a unique wallet that we decided to dedicate an entire article to it that you can view here. In a nutshell, the SnapBack Slim Air Wallet is the first wallet on the market to incorporate Apple’s AirTag into the body of a wallet. The AirTag is Apple’s smart tracking device, a small circular-shaped device that is advertised for use on a keychain or your luggage if traveling. 

The company SnapBack took it upon itself to develop an ultra-slim minimalist wallet, that incorporates space for one of Apple’s AirTags to be seamlessly stored within a small pocket on the front of the wallet. The wallet itself is made with minimalism in mind and is designed in a classic cardholder style. With one pocket at the front, the wallet can store a small number of cards and cash. The craftsmanship is amazing as well, being handmade using full-grain premium leather. 

Currently, the SnapBack Slim Air Wallet has smashed its funding goal having raised $18,000 with a goal of just $2,000. Backing the wallet $50.00 will be enough to secure one of these wallets with still around a month left until the campaign ends (as of 01.06.2021). For more information on the Slim Air Wallet, by SnapBack, check out their Kickstarter page using the link below.


The Karda Wallet

The Karda wallet is it all Allah minion minimalist style wire that uses the plate system to easily carry your cash and cards with a highly durable design the elements and makes the wallet highly steady with a hard case style disposition to help keep your credit/debit cards safe and secure. For a metal wallet, the Karda Wallet has quite a unique design that is easily distinguishable from other metal wallets on the market – something I like quite a lot. 

One of the main aspects that people would purchase a metal wallet is down to its distinctive lock the metal has a matte finish to it, that looks incredibly sleek and attractive like something straight out of an aircraft while being lightweight thanks to its choice of metal. In total the card or wallet can store between one to eight standard-sized credit or debit cards, and also has the capacity to store business cards as well. The wallet doesn’t come with a dedicated clip for cash, but bills can still be stored within the standard card area while still retaining ease of access.

Currently, the Karda wallet has raised around $2,000 of its $4,000 Kickstarter goal with still over 20 days left to go. The wallet can be yours for the price of $44.00, which compared to other metal wallets is very reasonable. For more information on the Karda Wallet, Visit the official Kickstarter campaign page using the link below.


The GVMask Face Mask

The GVMask isn’t a wallet so to speak, but a wallet accessory that aims to conveniently carry a face mask at ease. COVID-19 has changed the way he interacts with others on a daily basis, and face masks has become one of those staples that may or may not stick with us, even post-pandemic. The GVMask is designed to take the shape of a standard credit or debit card. This allows it to be stored easily in a wallet, and in any standard side card slot for maximum utility. 

The way the wallet accessory works is quite innovative, the GVMask can be prised apart from two metal plates to reveal the face mask fabric that can then be hooked around the ears for use. Once used, it can be folded back off, and placed back into its compact size, and put back inside a wallet. I love the innovation of the GVMask but I must say it does look a little bit silly as the two metal plates are noticeable when on the face. 

I’m also not sure about the long-term benefit of the GVMask as COVID-19 has already started to dwindle in many locations, including the United Kingdom and America, where masks are becoming less used as lockdown restrictions are lifted. Currently, The GVMask has raised around $1,000 of a pledged goal of $2,400. With only seven days left to go, it’s hard to know whether or not they’ll achieve their crowdfunding goal. For more information on the GVMask is their official Kickstarter campaign page using the link below.


The REFYNE CC1 Wallet

Finally, we have the REFYNE CC1 Wallet, a multi-tool wallet that takes the victory in the most funded wallet of June. This wallet combines a slim cardholder style with unique dedicated pockets for 2 Titanium tools used for everyday tasks. These types of wallets, also known as tactical or EDC wallets are highly versatile in their functionality and use.

The wallet itself is handcrafted being made out of genuine, soft, a no leather texture aka leather is highly unique. It has a rough grainy appearance apparent with a solid and robust feel for maximum interoperability. This makes complete sense considering this role is probably aimed at people who are more likely to partake in outdoor activities or camping where tools like these might be needed.

The REFYNE CC1 comes with two wallet accessories both made out of premium titanium with a matte finish. The first tool is a minimalist multi-tool that has a range of features, including a Phillips screwdriver, pry bar, a range of wrenches, a nail puller, and many more. Coming in at only 30mm by 60mm the CC1 Wallet is probably one of the smallest multi-tools I’ve come across and could be used in any wallet. The second tool is an odd needle, again, made out of grade five titanium. Although I don’t see this tool as being that useful it could be used as a SIM card removal tool or toothpick. 

Finally, even considering the small minimalist size of the wallet the REFYNE CC1 can store a decent amount of cash and cards in its multiple cards apart with room for up to eight cards, 10 bills (which need to be folded in half), and RFID protection. The folks at REFYNE were hoping to raise around $10,000 and has smashed their goal having currently raised around $22,000 With just three days left to go. I personally think this REFYNE CC1 is a fantastic take on a tactical wallet and would be great for anyone who wants to add functionality in the form of these multi-tools. For more information on the REFYNE CC1 Wallet visit their official Kickstarter campaign page using the link below.


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