Kickstarter Wallet Round-up

[March 2021]

Hello and welcome back to another Kickstarter round-up. This month, we’ve actually got a fair amount of wallets to look though as it seems innovators are back after the fairly stale month of January. This also includes the latest design from a huge player in the wallet landscape (more on this later). I’d say March is shaping up to be one of the best months we’ve had in years and that’s thanks to a few standout wallets that are doing their best to innovative and really try to push the boundaries of what a wallet can do.

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The Swallet Wallet 

For its poor performance on Kickstarter so I’m a big fan of the Swallet, a unique and premium wallet made from a combination of wood and metal. For me, the wallet is one of the most unique looking on the market, and although it won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, I personally think it looks stunning. As the brainchild of Kerim a design engineering graduate from the Imperial Colledge in London has great credentials in design and doesn’t mess about creating a truly unique wallet. 

But is this wallet just a pretty face, and how does it work in terms of its functionality and storage of cash and cards? Although I obviously haven’t had my chance to get my hands on the Swallet, it seems okay at best. All your cards are stored within one internal slot, more similar to the likes of a cardholder for business cards. Not much more information is given regarding the wallet. I assume cash is also stored within this slot and the capacity looks to be around 4 -5 cards max.  


The Fantom C MagSafe Wallet

The Fantom C is by far the most famous and outstanding wallet on this list. It’s made by the folks at Ansix Designs who found fame in developing the original Fantom Wallet that is a fantastic example of innovative design. The Fantom C follows this innovation but combines it with the new MagSafe features introduced in the Apple iPhone 12.

Apple’s MagSafe is a cool feature and allows for objects to be attached to the back of the iPhone with magnets. I’ve actually reviewed the original apple MagSafe wallet and didn’t give it an overly good review. That being said, Fantom has specified themselves they improve upon what Apple offer including things like strong magnets, and of course, the innovating cascading card mechanism that provides easy access to cards.

As you’d expect the Fantom C Wallet’s Kickstarter campaign is a great success, and as of today has raised over $25,000 in crowdfunding. I think the Fantom C Wallet is really cool and definitely works considering if you want an effective way of combinding your wallet and phone together.


The ZAZA Wallet

The ZAZA Wallet is, in my opinion, is just a massive scam and rip-off. First of all, let’s look at its design. It’s very clear the wallet is a blatant rip-off, of the popular Dango T01 Tactical Wallet. The designs are near identical with the only difference being the ZAZA Wallet looks more simplistic forgoing a lot of what makes the T01 Wallet unique. Having been in this space along time I can spot a blatant cash grab from anywhere and the ZAZA Wallet is no different. 

After doing a bit of research, I found a wholesaler from China (on Alibaba) that produces these Knock-Off Dango wallets at a meager price of $8.00 per wallet far less than you would pay for the ZAZA Wallet (see for yourself how similar they are here). The chances are entirely possible that ZAZA will simply bulk purchase from these wholesalers get their logos printed on them, and produce a quick product while completely misleading customers who trust them. I have nothing positive to say about the ZAZA Wallet, avoid it like the plague and I hope they fail for what is an unethical and shitty move to customers. 


The QOT v3 Wallet

I wouldn’t say the QOT Wallet does anything special in particular nor does it try and break the boundaries of what a wallet can do. That being said, The QOT Wallet is an incredibly attractive wallet with a clean ultra-thin design and a great array of features that might take your fancy. The wallet is a typical leather bi-fold made from premium microfiber leather with an emphasis on its vegan nature and sustainability. It has a beautifully refined look, trying to go against the grain of vintage look that most bifolds conform to. It has ample storage of cash and cards that are easily accessible through easy to access card slots including a handy pull tab.

Currently, the QOT v3 Wallet has raised just under $800 which is actually near bang on its funding target. The brand isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, and this is clearly showcased by its low target. But, I can’t help admire the wallet for what it is. Not everybody wants a wallet with bells and whistles coming out of its ears, so if you like the look of this elegant wallet I’d say go for it. For more information on the QOT Wallet check out their campaign using the link below. 


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